Revenge of the Feminerd

Revenge of the Feminerd: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Everything has its season: ET had to go home, Sisko had to go be with the Prophets, Yoda had to become one with the force, Professer Xavier and Magneto had to go their separate ways, and so too this blog series has to come to an end.

Revenge of the Feminerd: Wikipedia Challenge

Earlier this year the New York Times sparked a debate when they reported on the underrepresentation of women among editors on Wikipedia: “the free site that anyone can edit”. The Times... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Feminerd Miis

I took your suggestions on your feminerd role models and tried to find instructions on making Miis for them for Nintendo Wii. There isn’t enough space to give full instructions on Miis here, but I’ll give you the list of the feminerd ones I did find on MiiCharacters, as well as a few I... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Nerd "Hyperwhiteness"

Reading Benjamin Nugent’s book American Nerd in preparation for writing this column I came across a reference to research by UC Santa Barbara linguistics professor Mary Bucholtz, which argues that nerd culture manifests... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: For Girls Who Wear Glasses

This goes out to all those girls who’ve heard the message that intelligence and geekiness is antithetical to attractiveness. Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Barriers to Women in Science

It seems like recently women’s underrepresentation in science and technology is finally being seen as a serious issue. It’s a more and more frequent topic of conversation in the feminist blogosphere, and in last week... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: The Magic School Bus

Seatbelts, everyone! If there’s one show I watched as a kid (other than Star Trek) that made me the nerd I am today, that show was The Magic School Bus, with its accompanying series of books. In MSB, Ms. Frizzle’s class was a utopia where learning was literally a magical... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: The Queeriodic Table

Vancouver artists Jen Crothers and Kona have created a delightfully nerdy project to raise awareness of queer language and its evolution, and to raise money for the local organization ... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: X-Men Goes Retro

I enjoyed most of X-Men: First Class. The acting, special effects, and writing were excellent, except possibly the two times Xavier tries to hit on women in bars by saying they have “groovy mutation[s]”. But then again, the whole movie had a cheesy retro vibe to it, with its Cold War... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Libraries, Lesbrarians, Censorship, and Equality

Looking into libraries for this post I decided to talk to my former colleague Tara Robertson. In 2009 Tara put together a group called the Lesbrarians to take part in the Vancouver Dyke March. Last year they had about 35 lesbian, bisexual, and queer women who... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Geek Peeves

Today I list my top five feminerd annoyances, including the lack of LGBT characters on Star Trek, sexist comics at The Oatmeal, and “chainmail bikini”-type video game costumes for women.   Read more »