Sex and the Fat Girl

Sex and the Fat Girl: Too Fat to F*ck?

A little over two years ago, “World's Fattest Man” Manuel Uribe married his fiance Claudia Solis to the clucking dismay of fat haters everywhere. How could she be sexually attracted to someone so fat?... Read more »

Sex and the Fat Girl: The Joys of Fat Porn

Many fat girls bristle at the mention of fat/BBW porn. Of course among some feminists, any porn can be a hot topic, but for some fat feminist girls there's something in particular that's troubling about the idea that someone gets off on a body simply because it's fat. They may find it... Read more »

Sex and the Fat Girl: What's it All About?

Hello, dear Bitch readers. I'm Tasha Fierce and I write the stalled blog Red Vinyl Shoes. If you don't know, I wrote the Size Matters blog series for Bitch last fall. Now I'm back with another... Read more »