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Revenge of the Feminerd: Counsellor Troi and Telepathic Rape

To five-year-old me, Counsellor Troi was more appealing than Disney princesses: beautiful and serene and intuitive, but also she got to go on cool missions and sit on the bridge of the Enterprise and tell the Captain the truth about his own motivations. Troi was the first action figure in my Trek collection, and when I started reading Star Trek novels in grade 6, I always went for the ones featuring her. So as an adult feminist re-watching TNG and reflecting, I feel the need to complain about how Troi was treated, particularly around the instances when Troi was psychically raped.

I've Been Loving You For What Is Probably An Appropriate Amount of Time: Farewell to She Pop

Well, here we go: it is the end of my time at Bitch. And the end, sadly enough, of She Pop. That happened really fast, you guys! I kind of felt like we were just learning how to talk to each other! But it has been a good ride, I would think. And I hope it has been so for you as well. There has been... Read more »

She Pop: Are You There, God? It's Me, Miley: On Privacy, Teen Sexuality, and the Miley Cyrus Twitter

So: I went to the zoo today. I thought it would be nice! I live in New York City! It is hard to see animals bigger than squirrels or lap dogs out here, so I imagined it would be very fulfilling and grounding, in some sort of hippie Earth Mother way, to actually see some of those and remind myself... Read more »

She Pop: Taylor Swift Wants To Ban Access To Your Lady Bits

Ladies, gentlemen: it is time to discuss the pernicious influence of Taylor Swift on our society today. Oh, I know. I’ve heard all the pro-Taylor propaganda—about how she’s a “good role model,” and an antidote to your Lohans or your Hiltons or your Gagas or whatever other female... Read more »

She Pop: The Search for the Misogyjam of '09, featuring 3OH!3 and Helen Keller Jokes

Ah, Rolling Stone. Twice a month, you arrive at my doorstep (yeah, I don’t know either. My boyfriend bought concert tickets or something? And then it came for free? Rolling Stone: The Magazine So Relevant They Basically Have To Force You To Read It) and generously provide me with a new reason... Read more »

She Pop: Madonna Is Your Dorm Room Poster, And Further Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

You know what I totally appreciate? Being called out when I am stupid! An exciting incidence of this occurred recently, on my Madonna post, where commenter Crys T notes:  OK, on this point, I get why you're happy to have Madonna around. But it would be nice to see more recognition on the part of... Read more »

She Pop: 1, 2, 3, No: Why Britney's New Single Is Not "Deviant"

Oh, my goodness! Britney Spears has released a new single! And it is about SEXUAL ACTIVITY! To be precise, it concerns threesomes - the song is entitled "3," just so that you don't miss its subtle and highly coded message - which have been scientifically determined to be the single tamest and most... Read more »

She Pop: Madonna, Motherhood, and Choices

You know: a lot of people have problems with Madonna. In fact, pretty much the entire history of Madonna has been the history of people having various problems with her! I first learned of her existence when a news channel reported on one of her concerts. I was maybe five or six. It was her "... Read more »

She Pop: Tweenage Wasteland

Oh, hey, look at that! It’s the weekend! THE WEEKEND, you guys! And, since it is the weekend, I am going to assume that a fair number of you will be drinking. Me, I like drinking; I can mix a decent cocktail, I’m not averse to beer, and I am nowhere near sophisticated enough to tell... Read more »

She Pop: Fame Kills. So Does Trying To Understand Lady Gaga.

The forthcoming Kanye West and Lady Gaga tour/collaboration/alliance/bizarro-pop-Voltron makes sense for so many reasons. Primarily: Kanye and Gaga are both famous because they do weird things in public. Do you like their music? Do you not like their music? It doesn’t matter! What did you... Read more »

She Pop-Oh Well, Whatever, Never Mind: On Misogyny, Courtney Love, and the Guitar Hero 5 Controversy

Oh, yay! It's time to demonize Courtney Love! Again! The ever-convenient target for would-be-rock dude misogyny has come under fire, yet again, for Activision's use of an unlockable Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero 5.  The footage from the game is undeniably creepy and wrong, even if you aren't... Read more »