She Pop

She Pop-Edward Cullen, Face of Girl Power: On The Girliness of Pop, And Why It Matters

You know what's fun about this New York Times article about how the Twilight soundtrack might save the money-hemorrhaging record industry? That it has only one mention of who is most likely to buy tie-in Twilight products. You know: girls.  Now: it is not my intent, here, to start another... Read more »

She Pop: Will Ellen DeGeneres Make "American Idol" A Gayer Place?

I don't really watch American Idol. I did tune in for an episode or two last season, when everyone on the planet was going nuts over the fact that Adam Lambert, a more-or-less openly gay dude and confirmed musical weirdo, had an actual chance at winning it. Unfortunately, the episode that I tuned... Read more »

She Pop: In Defense of the Spectacle: She Pop Begins

Pop is big, loud, silly, and commercial. Which is exactly why it deserves your attention. Read more »