TelevIsm: Farewell, or, I don't respond to things I don't respond to.

I spend as much of my time as possible watching television, and as with most of the media I critique and consume, I watch it primarily because I like it. From science fiction to sitcom to soap opera, TV shows are a worthwhile occupation on their own. Television, in its many problematic variations, is awesome. While I like a broad variety of shows, I dislike just as many. I don't like watching shows I don't like, so I don't watch them. And I don't write about shows I don't watch—with few exceptions (Bones, Police Women of Memphis), I don't formally review media I haven't watched or read at least twice. When I'm interested in watching or writing about a particular series or season, I don't just look for how it's "good" or "not good" in a feminist sense—I have to have some kind of positive...

TelevIsm: Television without television

I grew up in a limited-television home, and didn't have a television to myself in college until senior year, when I was too busy to watch the free cable. Now that I'm paying my own bills, food and kitty litter have won out over those extra 40 channels, 35 of which I have little interest in. I've... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Bechdel Spectrum

If you're on a site about feminist response to pop culture (spoiler alert: you are), you have probably heard of the Bechdel Test for movies. Conceived in Alison Bechdel's Dykes To Watch Out For, the test is simple: to pass, the movie in question must feature a... Read more »

TelevIsm: Four things for the fourth season of Mad Men

Mad Men is back on Sunday for its fourth season! I am a big fan (I've written about the show often at Deeply Problematic) but unfortunately I cannot write critically about a season that has not yet aired. Nonetheless, I do have... Read more »

TelevIsm: Police Women of Memphis depicts trans women with respect

There's not a whole lot I have to say about Police Women of Memphis as a show in general. I think that glorifying a very problematic justice system as this show seems to do is probably not fantastic. But, I like that it depicts ladies in positions of authority, being competent. It's also cool that... Read more »

TelevIsm: Ableism, Appropriation, and United States of Tara

United States of Tara, a show about a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), recently wrapped up its second season. I haven't yet seen it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first season—I love Toni Collette and Diablo Cody, and there are not a ton of shows about women by women. There are even... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Erasure of Heylia and Conrad on Weeds

Weeds in its first three seasons was an excellent show—it was well-written, clever satire with multifaceted and funny characters. Its send-up of the rhetoric and culture of suburbia was funny and pointed and coherent. Celia was a hilarious and capable antagonist, and I loved that the older het... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics' Closing Ceremonies

Today, I conclude my comparative review of South Park and Family Guy. This is the last part of a four-part series (one, two,... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics: Family Guy

My affection for shows like King of the Hill and the Simpsons (the kind of shows that Family Guy half-heartedly rips off) grows the more I watch it and the better I know the characters, the setting, the style of humor. With Family Guy, though, I just grow irritated and bored. Read more »

TelevIsm: Upcoming shows and how they may or may not be awesome

Image: A seafoam green television from the past, the Braun HF 1. From Wikipedia. TelevIsm is a series about currently airing television shows. I imposed this parameter on myself so that I would not post endlessly about shows that I... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Competent and Awesome Ladies of Bones

Since I've begun my stint here at Bitch, I've been watching a lot of Bones on Netflix. Are you ready for a surprise, faithful TelevIsm readers? I'm kind of in love with it. I spend a lot of time critiquing how ladies and... Read more »