The Young and the Feckless

The Young and The Feckless: The End

Photo by Peter Kaminski This is it, folks. We've reached the end of The Young and The Feckless line. Writing for Bitch has been a great experience for me. I've enjoyed shedding light and perspective on some of the unacknowledged and underrepresented aspects of the media coverage around young adult issues and responding to all of your challenging and thoughtful comments. Thanks for reading and engaging.

The Young and The Feckless: Bursting Bubbles

It was oddly apropos to be mulling over the idea of social bubbles over bubble tea. Totally unplanned, though (as was the choking on a tapioca pearl). A friend and I were discussing the need to stop accepting online culture as the status quo. It's exclusive and exclusionary, with its own language,... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Nothin' but Net(working)

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been on the job search in the last two or three years that networking is now being held up as the be all and end all of job hunting strategies. Normally, I simply skim this ubiquitous and rather facile advice (it's on par with Cosmo beauty tips when it... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: An Interview with Refuse the Silence's Morgane Richardson

I stumbled across Morgane Richardson’s Refuse the Silence project via a link on Twitter. Immediately, it made me think of a discussion in the comments section of an earlier Y&F post about where the stories and conversations... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Playing DJ for the Class of 2010

The supermarket where I shop plays music of a certain vintage (which, as we've recently discussed, could be anything from last year's Billboard Top 40 to ditties from the War of 1812). The other day it happened to be Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: What Comes from Questioning the Value of College?

Photo by Lou FCD Lately, there's been a lot of talk (recession... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Reinventing the Identity Wheel

I blame Douglas Coupland. Before he coined the term Gen X and set it loose into the cultural lexicon, we didn't care about analyzing and compiling character profiles of generations. I was reminded of how damn I annoying I find these... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: The Nearness of Youthful Nostalgia

The other night, I found myself sitting in a concert hall with a thousand other people having an absolutely A+ time at one of the few North American dates on the farewell tour for Euro pop icons a-ha. Yes, a-ha. No matter that I'm not old enough to have fully appreciated their short-lived American... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Gen Y's Biological Clock Talk Taboo

I've hesitated about tackling this particular topic, but with the recent proximity of Mother's Day and the 50th anniversary of The Pill, I figured there was never going to be a better time to address it. My hesitation stems from a reluctance to drag... Read more »

The Young and the Feckless: Publification and Our Comparison Compulsion

I feel as if my more navel gazing commentaries should come with some sort of disclaimer stating that they're not meant to be extrapolated upon, taken as universally representative of the readership's experience, etc. To that end... I confess that I've watched the recent brouhaha over Facebook's... Read more »

The Young and the Feckless: The Myth of Gen Y Homogeneity

An interesting question was raised in the comments section of my recent Model Behavior column and one that I'm no stranger to contemplating: Where is all of the research on and dialogue around the non-white, non-middle class Gen Y experience? Why do we only ever hear about student debt load and the... Read more »