The Young and the Feckless

The Young and The Feckless: Model Behavior

Spurred by Raina Kelly's recent Newsweek piece about turning 40 and adopting Madonna as her role model, I've been pondering the idea of life stage role models, particularly as it relates to those of us at the quarter-life. Just who is out there for... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Millennials and the Morality of Money

Although dour, USA Today's stats-heavy piece on Gen Y's financial woes isn't anything we haven't heard before. We're the first generation in a century likely to end up monetarily worse off than our parents. Student... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Casual Sex Meets Cognitive Dissonance

Last week, a reader sent a link to a Slate article on the new wave of sexual judgment-mongering among Gen Y and suggested I might want to address the issue here. I wasn't sure I was the one to write this because A) I spent my college years (undergrad... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: What Cinema Says About Career Type

One of the most thought-provoking movies I saw in 2009 (okay, I didn't see it until 2010) was Up in the Air. Even months later, I'm still not sure whether I actually liked it or... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Mo' Education, Mo' Problems?

According to a study by the London School of Economics, British women with degrees are 86 percent more likely to drink frequently and to report having a drinking problem than those women without post-secondary education. The more education a woman has, the more likely she is to hit the bottle. As a... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Expiration Dated

I hate to break it to you, but we have a sell-by date. We're perishable, dude. Highly perishable. I spoke these words to a friend as we meandered down the street engaged in another one of our snarky, rapid-fire dialogues about how we ended up here. Here being the waning years of our twenties... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: An Intro to Generational Angst and Analysis

Hey Bitch readers, Welcome to The Young and The Feckless! I thought I would take this inaugural post to do a little table-setting, namely to introduce myself and to give you an idea of what the next eight weeks will have in store. My name is J. Maureen Henderson (ask what the J stands for at your... Read more »