Comic: Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook



Bitch also reviewed Silver Linings Playbook in non-comics form last week, focusing on the film’s portrayal of mental health issues!

by Natalie Nourigat
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Not sure if slut shaming or empowering

I liked the whole movie and agree with your wonderful graphic exploration of Jennifer Lawrence's character. It was refreshing because the movie was not offering us the same old cliched tropes, but multi-dimensional characters dealing with messy life situations they weren't expert or fully functional in handling, which is pretty much how all the human beings I have ever known handle situations.. It didn't register at first who the director was, but when I realized it was David O. Russell, of the famous "I Heart Huckabees" melt down, visible on youtube, where he verbally abused and shouted at Lily Tomlin and called her some ugly names, for which I do not exempt him from responsibility, I had a lot of trepidation about watching the film. However, Lily has been quoted as saying that she forgives the incident and that she felt they made a good film despite it. I reluctantly gave myself over to the movie because I related to it and I was very glad to see that out of the proverbial gate of her career, Jennifer Lawrence was given a chance to display her depth and talent as an actress.

Haven't seen the movie but

Haven't seen the movie but that last image of the feminist take on the confused Fry meme is perfection. That was my reaction to Beyonce's halftime show. Not sure is this is empowering or catering to the male gaze.

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