Comments Policy

At Bitch, we love to hear feedback, critiques, and commentary on the articles and podcasts we publish. Since our slogan is “feminist response to pop culture,” it’s important for us to foster discussions among readers and listeners.

We don’t guarantee that Bitch comment sections are a safe space for all people. Instead, we try to promote productive discussion, support sincere commentary, and discourage comments that are purely hateful and demeaning. 

All comments posted on are approved by a moderator before they’re published. We publish comments that sing our praises as well as comments that are critical of Bitch and the content we publish. In deciding whether to approve a comment, here are the questions we ask:

• Is this a sincere comment made by someone who cares about this topic?
• Is this a personal attack on the author of the article?
• Does this comment use language that is flagrantly racist, transphobic, misogynistic, or otherwise bigoted?
• Does this comment make a personal accusation that is slanderous or libelous?
• Would publishing this comment provide a new perspective on the topic and encourage further conversation? Or would it derail the conversation or disgust potential readers due to its vitriol?

We do not publish comments that Bitch editors determine to be spam, a virulent personal attack on a contributor, an unsubstantiated personal accusation, or if the commenter’s main intent is to promote racist, transphobic, and/or misogynistic ideas. Sometimes, people use unintentionally offensive language in comments that ask sincere questions about a topic. In those cases where it appears that a reader is ignorant but genuinely interested, we err on the side of publishing their comment in order to help educate readers. 

On our social media platforms that allow commenting—Facebook and Instagram—comments are automatically published. Bitch editors attempt to review all comments posted to our social media and delete comments that violate the standards listed above. We also ban people from our social media who have shown a pattern of attacking other commenters or who repeatedly use Bitch’s Facebook and Instagram as a platform to promote bigotry. Since Facebook threads in particular have a way of spiraling into hundreds of comments very quickly, we are often playing catch-up and may not be able to moderate comments until several hours after they’re posted. This doesn’t mean we endorse any of the comments posted on our social media—heavily moderating all of our social media comments would be a 24-hour-a-day job.

We rely on you, as readers, to help make this a progressive space for smart, wide-ranging discussion. Bitch staff can't moderate everything all the time, and we encourage our community of commenters to be part of the process. If you see a problem or have a question, please feel free to email our online editor