TV Crush of the Week: Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch has been doing great comedy for a long time -- Best in Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Party Down, the list goes on and on. She may be an out lesbian with a decidedly... Read more »

Bibliobitch: Inexcusable

In Chris Lynch's 2005 young adult novel Inexcusable (2005 National Book Award Finalist – Young People's Literature, 2005 School Library Journal's Best Books, 2006 YALSA Best Books for Young Adults) is a disturbing tale of the effects of rape culture from the inside. In narrator Keir Sarafian, high... Read more »

The Body Electric: Trans Women Subvert Religious Imagery

 *Thanks to the poster who brought up a great point about the symantics of spacing. Changes are reflected throughout. An HIV prevention group in Spain--the LGBT Collective of Madrid--recently released a calendar that featured trans women posed as the Virgin Mary. Of course, controversy was... Read more »

Will Diana Taurasi Be The---ahem--Sportsman of the Year?

Since 1954, Sports Illustrated has honored the "Sportsman of the Year." Roger Bannister, the man who broke the four-minute mile, was the first Sportsman cover boy; Michael Phelps was the most recent one. In fifty-four years, the only female athletes honored have been the... Read more »

Justin Bieber makes me (and Ellen) feel like like an old lady.

A few weeks back I was tipped off to the Curious Case of Justin Bieber. If you are not one of the 80 MILLION people who have watched Bieber’s videos on YouTube, there are just a few... Read more »

Young, Fat, & Fabulous is, well, fabulous.

I’m sure it’s old news to most of you fatshionistas out there, but I have recently fallen in love with the fashion blog Young, Fat and Fabulous. It is so awesome! Young, Fat and Fabulous (... Read more »

Swine & Dandy: What if we did as much to prevent rape as we do to prevent H1N1?

I spent most of this past spring and summer rolling my eyes every time I heard a news story about the swine flu. Almost every day local reporters got hysterical about 5 or 10 or 20 confirmed cases. Entire schools closed in response to a handful of kids with... Read more »

Doin' It (Yourself) All Night Long

Portland’s Julie Sabatier, in addition to producing Bitch Media’s issue podcasts, has been producing her own stellar podcast, Destination DIY, for three years now, covering everything from... Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy

As a radical feminist, raging homo, and recovering Catholic, I’ve rarely, if ever, felt compelled to wax poetic about any organization affiliated with the Catholic Church. Then I met a Sister of Mercy, and my dogmatic belief in Catholicism’s all-encompassing evil was shot dead on the... Read more »

Carly Welch Takes It Up a Notch

Back in the day, Carly Welch was told to "take it down a notch." Then eight-years-old, she was playing on a recreational softball league with coaches who advised her to not throw or hit as hard as she could. The concern? She might hurt someone. I can see it. Read more »


Black Girls Hunger for Heroes, Too: A Black Feminist Conversation on Fantasy Fiction for Teens

What happens when two great black women fiction writers get together to talk about race in young adult literature? That's exactly what happens... Read more »

Will Filming the Police Keep Us Safe?

There’s a cultural idea that having someone looking over our shoulder makes us behave better. From fake security cameras to Elf... Read more »

Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

Read more »

Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps

British scientists have uncovered the truth behind one of modern culture's greatest mysteries: why little girls play with pink toys. Is it...

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