Sapphic Salon: The Death of An Heiress, The Milking of the Press

If you weren't aware of Casey Johnson while she was alive, you've most likely heard of her posthumously this week. The heiress to the Johnson & Johnson company passed away over the weekend, allegedly due to diabetes-related complications. She was 30-years-old, a mother of her... Read more »

B-Sides : Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye is one of the most prolific pop music musicians you’ve never heard of. She and her 4-6 strings have backed some of the most popular songs, movies, and television series of the past fifty decades, and can be heard “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” guitar on Lesley Gore’s “... Read more »

Jennifer Hawkins poses nude, "flaws" and all

Australian beauty queen and model Jennifer Hawkins appears nude and un-Photoshopped on the February cover of Marie Claire magazine. According to Hawkins, the photo shoot is meant to... Read more »

I Spy... Sarah Emma Edmonds

"I am naturally fond of adventure, a little ambitious, and a good deal romantic-but patriotism was the true secret of my success." Sarah Emma Edmonds, one of only about 400 women known to have served in the military during the U.S. Civil War, was not even an American—... Read more »

Sapphic Salon: Sex and Misogyny in the Publishing World

There's a great piece in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review by Katie Roiphe regarding the inclusion of sex in novels by American male writers over time. Roiphe... Read more »

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #1

This is it. The #1, above-all reason why this feminist is a sports fan is ... Read more »

Sm{art}: Ginger Brooks Takahashi

I saw Ginger Brooks Takahashi’s work in the art auction for the Lesbian Herstory Archive. Although her work spans illustration, multimedia, wall hangings, and music, the themes of sexuality, gender, and community run throughout. (Rabbits also... Read more »

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #2

Only two left in the Top Ten! The #2 reason why I'm a sports fan and a feminist (both! at once! at the same time!) is ...   Read more »

Alice Paul: The Votes Are In

As the year winds down the media stream is inundated with lists of political accomplishments, policy and presidential reviews and all of our hopes for 2010. Amid this maelstrom, I continue to remember that it was still in the last century that women were given the right to participate in the... Read more »

The End of 'It Takes a Team': Project That Challenged Homophobia in Sports is Cut

The sad news came down just a few weeks ago: It Takes a Team, the pioneering project of the Women's Sports Foundation dedicated to challenging homophobia in sports, has been canceled due to budget cuts. An... Read more »


Will Filming the Police Keep Us Safe?

There’s a cultural idea that having someone looking over our shoulder makes us behave better. From fake security cameras to Elf... Read more »

The Forgotten History of the Women Who Shaped Modern Advertising

It's easy to dismiss advertising as an anti-feminist industry. Read more »

Eat, Pray, Spend: Priv-Lit and the New, Enlightened American Dream

Even as reports on joblessness, economic recovery, and home foreclosures suggest that no one is immune to risk during this recession, the popularity of women’s wellness media has persisted and, indeed, grown stronger.  Read more »

In a Bizarre 1976 Comic Book, Spider-Man Fought the Villain of Misleading Sex Education

Last week, I came across a very strange comic book: in 1976, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Marvel to publish a one-off comic in which... Read more »