Women, Film, and Food

Having spent the weekend filling my freezer with late summer goodness from my local farmer’s market and finding out about Lisa Jervis’s new book... Read more »

Hateraid: People of WalMart Edition

One swift glance at the People of WalMart blog and I’ve got all the fodder I need to write this post. It’s almost too easy to critique it. This site is an example of what happens when people fail to have class consciousness, folks. Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: Superwomen (or Lack Thereof) Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! (It’s like The View but with less makeup.) Tune in to this episode to hear Andi, Briar, and Kelsey weigh in on Disney’s... Read more »

So This Feminist Walks into a Bar... And Enters a Joke Contest!

Calling all funny feminists! We are in possession of not one but FIVE copies of Randa Jarrar’s fabulous book A Map of Home (reviewed in the Buzz issue) and we’re jonesin’ to give them... Read more »

Of Queers and Cowboys

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America is a wake up call for the queer rights movement. Y’all... Read more »

The Deal With Disability: "For god's sake, treat adults like adults"

  Last month, a 26-year-old woman known only on her site as Eva began posting video blogs about the way people treat her. Her reactions are displayed in the writing that accompanies the videos, there is barely any dialogue to the videos and rarely is Eva herself shown in them. Eva has Cerebral... Read more »

Grrl on Film-Princess Synergy: Disney

The big pop culture news this week – and other than the death of Michael Jackson, likely some of the biggest pop culture news of the year so far – is that the Walt Disney Company has purchased comic book, film, and video game... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond-Ex Sex: The Ultimate Recycling

In which I ponder the pleasures and perils of having sex with your ex. Does familiarity--or a breakup--breed contempt? Or are your exes a valuable resource in what my friends and I call women's "anti-celibacy campaign?" Read more »

On the Map: Ella Es El Matador

I’m vegan. I think cruelty to animals is unnecessary and unjust. I don’t eat animals. I don’t wear them. And I don’t kill them for sport. However, Ella Es el Matador isn’t a film about animal rights, and treating it as such... Read more »

Tube Tied: The Decline and Fall of the American Soap Opera

For at least the last thirty years (and probably more) my mom has been a faithful viewer of The Young and the Restless.  For several years in there I was too - my earliest memories involve eating the peel from her apple while watching the show.  Without fail, my mother has taped every episode, even... Read more »


"Moonlight" is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment

Moonlight displays the kind of empathy and humanity that we desperately need right now. Read more »

The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films

In 1948, in a seventh grade classroom in Eugene, Oregon, a teacher dimmed the lights and flipped on 16mm projector. A film called Human... Read more »

Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

Read more »