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We started Bitch with that kind of pit-in-your-stomach, we’ve-got-to-take-action-or-else feeling. We had to write the kind of feminist response to pop culture that we suspected others were looking for. It didn’t feel like a choice, it felt like an imperative. 

We wanted to say it was okay to love pop culture and to ask for more from it. We wanted to ask the media to portray the kinds of fun, inspiring, smart, resilient people we saw in our everyday lives, rather than rely on conventional tropes for cheap laughs and high ratings. 

Today, we’d like to think that Bitch is still changing the conversation about feminism, media, and pop culture. 

But this year, our goal is to not just change the conversation—it’s to expand it.


Online last year, we covered the Hunger Games and the Olympic Games, recapped Mad Men, and featured dozens of guest bloggers on everything from ecofeminism to alcohol.  In the magazine, we brought you features on women and guns, urban homesteading, and the evolution of nudism. We want to do the same thing this year, but more of it. 


Our small staff of ten allows us to keep operating costs low and produce award-winning content at an affordable price in print and for free online—but it also means that though we try our very best, we can’t be on top of everything, all the time.  Sometimes we get it wrong. And sometimes, we don’t get to it at all. 

In 2013, our goal is to engage more readers, more often, and with better content. And that’s why we’re asking folks like you to resolve to help us expand the conversation about feminism, media and pop culture this year.  

So take our pledge to start the conversation in your community. To take charge online.  To continue to critique the world around you through a feminist lens.


Just do it more often—and do it betterwith Bitch Media in 2013!