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B-Sides: "Afrodance" by Les Nubians

In Willow’s defense, she tries to be inclusive in “Whip My Hair,” emphasizing that it “don’t matter if it’s long or short” all you have to do is “do it, do it whip your hair.” But the stark truth is, I can’t really whip my hair back and forth; it sort of just goes along with my head which then renders my attempts at hair-whipping mere glorified headbanging. Of course, I am hardly alone in this reality, especially as more and more black women are opting out of the harmful relaxers that have become so normalized in our culture. That’s why I was so happy to come across Les Nubians’ first single “Afrodance” off of their new album Nü Revolution. (Lyrics here)

Bitch Radio: Getting Ready for Geek Girl Con!

For this episode of Bitch Radio, I spoke with Jennifer K. Stuller about the first-ever Geek Girl Con! Jennifer is no stranger to the podcast, she was on Read My Bitch this past February, and you probably remember her great blog series Grrrl on Film! Today we talked about the upcoming conference (Oct. 8-9 in Seattle), what to expect (besides me and Kelsey on a media literacy, criticism, and production panel, along with Maile Martinez and Anita Sarkeesian!), and just how geeky it’ll be (two words: Labyrinth puppetmaster). Stream the audio below, subscribe via iTunes or RSS, or download from archive.org. Transcript available (.doc) Visit Geek Girl Con to get your pass for October or to join their online community!

B-Sides: A Wild Flag "Romance"

The debut album from WILD FLAG (say it with me in a Bill and Ted “Wyld Stallyns!” shout-y voice) drops this month! Finally! Until we get Wild Flag in our hot little hands on September 13, let’s stream it at NPR First Listen and take a look at the oh-so-fun video for the first track, “Romance.”

Bitch Radio: Following Up on <em>Maggie Goes on a Diet</em>

For this week’s episode of Bitch Radio, I spoke with Bitch Media’s Library Director, Ashley McAllister, about her blog post last week on the forthcoming children’s book Maggie Goes on a Diet. Ashley and I discuss fat positive kids’ books, some reactions to the book, and share some recommended reading. You can read Ashley’s From the Library posts every week! Stream the interview above, subscribe to the podcast from iTunes or RSS, or download it from archive.org. Transcript will be up shortly!

B-Sides: "I'm [Not Quite] With You"

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album, I’m With You, officially dropped today (or yesterday, depending on where you are) but has been streaming as an iTunes preview for the past week. This sort of move shows confidence: After all, if you can legally listen to the whole album without buying it, the powers that be must expect a good portion of listeners to love it enough to buy. So, is it that good? Eh, not so much, if you ask me.

Bitch Radio: Movie Review-o-Rama! Our Idiot Brother and Colombiana

Tune in as we review the new films Our Idiot Brother and Colombiana, both in theaters this weekend. (Transcript in .doc form can be found here.)

B-Sides: The Suicide Notes

If you are also in love with group vocals and surf-punk tunes, check out The Suicide Notes. And if you and your friends were thinking of starting an awesome singing group, do it: The world needs you.

Bitch Radio: Talking with Rebecca Yee About Hollywood and Diversity

From the lack of characters with disabilities on television (there were six according to a 2010 survey) to the whitewashing of characters of color on the big screen (think The Last Airbender, the upcoming Hunger Games), to a sore lack of leading non-white characters on this summer’s blockbuster roster, Hollywood seems to have little interest in reflecting its viewers. For the most recent issue of Bitch, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Yee, the former National Director and Senior EEO Counsel of Screen Actors Guild Affirmative Action & Diversity. As an industry insider and someone who directly works to advocate for diverse casting, Rebecca is an amazing resource when it comes to the role of consumers in media diversity, what representing the “American Scene” looks like, and the efficacy of rubrics like the Bechdel Test. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation for this week’s podcast. And to read our full interview, check out the latest issue of Bitch!

B-Sides: Razika

Razika is Norwegian power pop made with two scoops of 2 Tone, rainbow sprinkles of ’60s garage, and a cherry of jingle-jangle guitars on top. Yum! Bonus: Their album drops today in the US. 

Bitch Popaganda: Ch-Ch-Changes Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as Kjerstin, Kelsey, and Kristin discuss ’90s nostalgia and Project Runway; then get whisked away to the movies to hear Andi, Jacob, and Kelsey’s review of The Change-Up. Plus, Bitch faves! Links after the jump!