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B-Sides: Nikki Lynette Defies All Kinds of Labels

If Kanye West’s new album is too self-centered and misogynistic for you, you can get fun melodies, great rhymes, and great samples from another Chicago-born artist, Nikki Lynette. She raps, she writes, she produces, and isn’t afraid to throw genre to the wind. Putting tight beats and R&B melodies over electric guitar riffs, a mixtape called Roses ‘N Guns, and a rousing update of Portishead’s “Glory Box” are just some of the ways she crosses rap, pop, and rock boundaries.

B-Sides: Iceland

Iceland has been called the most female-friendly country in the world, and Scandinavia is world-renowned for producing perfectpop acts, so it was only a matter of time before my obsession radar brought me to female Icelandic musicians. Here are a very few of my favorites, some new to me (Ólöf) and some newly re-visited (Björk, dear Björk).

B-Sides Bonus: New Mirah Video!

B-Sides Bonus! Because I couldn’t figure out a way to fit this into my Robyn post, but I didn’t want you to miss out on a brand new Mirah video! After all, not only is Mirah awesome, but this is just her second official music video ever! Check out “The Forest”:

B-Sides: Robyn is a Dancing Queen

Our undying love of all things Robyn is no secret. Her catchy jams, fembot sensibility, and all-around awesomeness make her impossible to resist! So of course I was unable to resist attending her show here in Portland over the weekend, and I’m glad I didn’t. More after the jump! (Here is a video of Robyn’s grand finale performance, a mash-up of—wait for it—”Dancing Queen” and “Show Me Love”! FYI, I was too short to record video at the Portland show, so this is from an earlier appearance on the same tour.)

B-Sides: Lykke Li/Adele/Bikini Kill Videostravaganza!

It’s a good day to be a feminist music fan, but to quote the immortal words of Levar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it!” You can see/hear for yourself, because today’s B-Sides is bringing you not one, not two, but three awesome ladymusic-related videos to brighten up your workday Tuesday. Lykke Li! Adele! Bikini Kill! Let’s get to it!

B-Sides: Warpaint

I’ll tell you right off the bat that this post will focus at least a little on how much I like to look at pictures of the women who make up Warpaint. I have huge crushes on all of them. They wear pretty hats and dresses and scarves. PLUS they create dreamy rock music and they’ll probably get really popular in the next year or two. Lovely women musicians on the brink of great renown? A whole bunch of the best traits for a band to have.

B-Sides: Video Roundup

MTV has been long dead as a go-to for watching music videos. That doesn't mean they've stopped being made! Or being awesome! Click through for four new videos by stellar artists that are as fun to watch as they are to listen to...

Bitch Radio: The Make-Believe Podcast

Fresh off the harddrive, this episode of Bitch Radio features women from the Make-Believe issue of Bitch! If you’re into women who make pop-culture collage art (say, Sonja Ahlers, author/artist of The Selves), who make it in Hollywood sans plastic surgery or selling out (I’m talking about the hilarious Jamie Denbo of Ronna and Beverly, Weeds, and Best Buds), who document the riot grrl movement (maybe Sara Marcus, author of Girls to the Front), or who use what most people consider a nerdy pastime for social change (like LARPing expert and player Sarah Bowman), then you should not miss this podcast! Plus it features music from Twin Sister, whose latest EP, Color Your Life is available from Infinite Beat records and they are currently on tour with the Morning Benders. . Stream it below, subscribe on iTunes or RSS, or download at archive.org. Transcription available here (.doc). (Thank you, Katie!) Script after the jump.

B-sides: Calliope Musicals

I’ve been in Austin, Texas for the past week, and the highlight of my hectic live show calendar has been Calliope Musicals, a young, up-and-coming indie country/folk band started by Carrie Fussell and Matt Roth less than a year ago. This is exactly the kind of thing indie fans swoon over: the chance to say we knew them back BEFORE they went mainstream and got picked up by the radio (patooie). So fall in love with them, quick!

B-Sides: Buke & Gass

Buke & Gass (featured on our Action podcast) aren’t your average duo from Brooklyn. For one, they have almost the same name (Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez). For two, they traded in their ukulele and guitar for a buke and a gass.