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Bitch Popaganda: Twi-hard edition

Bitch Popaganda: It’s like The View, except with less leg-crossing. Kelsey, Sara and Kjerstin saw a very special preview of New Moon this past Thursday night. Not only were we privy to the latest in the Twilight phenom, we got a chance to talk with fans of all ages before and after the movie to see what they thought before we put in our own two cents in our makeshift recording studio (aka Kelsey’s car). Enjoy as we discuss Bella’s new pastimes, dating the supernatural, and of course, if we’re on Team Jacob or not. Plus very special commentary from Twilight fans! You can listen below, download the file, or subscribe on iTunes!

Bitch Popaganda: Complaint Department Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Listen in as Sara, Jonanna, and Kelsey debate the merits of The Noncomplaining Project, women’s happiness, and young people and their darned expressive clothing. You can hear the episode right here on our site, or subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes and download it there. You can also access our audio files by visiting our page at archive.org. Click through to leave your comments, and for more information about this episode (including Bitch faves)!

B-Sides: Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 2

Welcome to Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 2: Wendy CarlosLast week I brought you Delia Derbyshire, sonic experimenter and BBC soundtrack writer supreme. Today, we'll take a look at the work of American, Wendy Carlos (née Walter Carlos).

B-sides: Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 1--Delia Derbyshire

I love electronic music—a genre that had its mainstream heyday in the 90s with a small resurgence in the form of electro-clash in the early naughts. Throughout my years listening, I’ve gathered quite a collection with my favorites including: Aphex Twin, Plaid, µ-Ziq, Boards of Canada, Bogdan Raczynski, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher and on. Guess how many of those musicians are women? Zero. Sure. I like Mira Calix and Ellen Alien…but they are rare in their field. So when a friend posted a mash-up on his Facebook page featuring one of the early innovators in electronic music, who happened to also be a woman, I was intrigued.

Bitch Popaganda: Sex & Pageantry Edition

It’s like The View except we can’t get Lily Tomlin to return our phone calls. It’s time for a new episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as Andi, Sara, and Kelsey discuss sexy Halloween costumes, feminism and weddings, and just why in the world America is in love with Glee. Listen by clicking on the player embedded here, by visiting our archive.org page, or by subscribing to Bitch on iTunes.

B-Sides: Karen O Goes Wild

Artsy kids’ film Where the Wild Things Are is doing great at the box office, and the soundtrack, written by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman Karen O, is one of the best things about the movie (along with all those big hairy monsters with broken hearts)–and you can listen to the whole thing online! O says “I guess I got involved because of Spike [Jonze, the director], because I guess there is a childlike innocence about my music or my persona or whatever that he always just kind of dialed into.” And she’s a perfect fit: like the movie, the soundtrack is both raucous and quietly stirring (apropos for recess or for lullabies).

B-Sides: Ida Maria Likes You Better Naked

      Ida Maria Sivertsen may not have won a Nobel Prize this week, but she is one more good reason to pay attention to what comes out of Stockholm. Ida, pronounced (ee-da) was born and raised in a small Norwegian village with a population of less than 2,000. In 2007 she packed up and headed to Sweden. Since then, she has made it onto the Top 20 charts in the UK and is infiltrating the US through a series of small shows, singles on iTunes, Gossip Girl, Perez Hilton and unbelievably cool YouTube videos.    

Bitch Popaganda: Technically Difficult Edition

It’s like The View except we all believe Roman Polanski is a rapist. Lend your ears to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Listen in as Kjerstin, Jonanna, and Kelsey discuss the recent sexual transgressions in pop culture, both scripted and not. David Letterman had sex with his employees! Roman Polanski is a rapist! So are Californication’s Charlie Runkle and Mad Men’s Pete Campbell! Listen to the podcast by clicking the player below, or by subscribing to Bitch on iTunes. You can also download it at archive.org.

B-Sides: New Music

Lady Sovereign arrested for spitting at a bouncer? Lily Allen quits music? Any good music news coming out of Europe? ..Yep! Nabiha Born and raised in Copenhagen, and influenced by reggae, disco, rock, R&B, and then some! No news of an album release in the US, but if you’re in Denmark look for it in February. Til then you’ll have to tide over with her first single, “Deep Sleep” about staying in bed, which is ironic, cause it’s a song that makes you want to get up and dance! It’s a got a boppy sort of teenage feel but there is a really great interlude that incorporates a Malian lullabye. La Roux Elly Jackson is half of this duo who’ve established themselves in England but have yet to make it big in the States. Between her lungs and Ben Langmaid’s synth they are makings some impressively infectious electronic pop! (And she’s cited David Bowie, Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Molly Ringwald as influences.) When I heard “Bulletproof” it reminded me of the Gossip(!) at first, but and then it made me think of Ace of Base (!!), and then and by the time it over I realized that La Roux is awesome on their own was and striking out to make their own sick version of synthpop. Noisettes: This trio started out punk, but bassist Shingai Shoniwa had too powerful a voice to play London’s warehouse-squat scene forever (so I’m told by the New York Times. Also check out Venus Zine’s 2007 interview with them!). You might recognize the dance-y “Don’t Upset the Rhythm” but they’ve got a whole album of pop-electro-punk that just got released in the US last week (which hopefully means they’ll be heading back here soon for a tour!).

Bitch Popaganda: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Edition

Time for another episode of Bitch Popaganda! It’s like The View, only we all believe the earth is round. Tune in as Andi, Jonanna, Sara, and Kelsey discuss the idea of modern civility. Celebrities invoked include Kanye West, Serena Williams, Joe Wilson, Michael Jordan, Patrick Swayze, and Tiger Woods. Listen right here, or subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes and listen whenever you’d like.