The Issue #11 Issue

Issue #11 | Winter 2000
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Editor's Note—A dialogue on discomfort

Dear Bitch

Love It/Shove It

Ask Yer Dead Foremama—New feature! Relationship advice from a feminist icon. This time: Simone de Beauvoir

Bitch Reads/Suggested Listening Appendices—Pie charts and fortunes and Twizzlers, oh my


Radio Sweetheart—An interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross

Starfucker Blues—Gender, power, rock stars

Go Forth and Multiply—Unwanted pregnancy on film

Pandering, a Love Story—The seamy underbelly of book marketing

The Balcony Is Closed-Minded—At the movies with prostitutes

Solid Gold Dancer—An interview with stripper-turned-writer-turned-filmmaker Gina Gold

The Bitch List No. 2—More than a few of our favorite things. Again.

Marketing Miss Right—Meet the single girl, turn-of-the-century style

TV Jones Diary—One week as a tube boob

Vulva Goldmine—The scary new trend in cosmetic surgery

Why Don't We Do it on the Road—Seven weeks on the Sister Spit tour

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