The Issue #12 Issue

Issue #12 | Summer 2000
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Editor's Note—Identity crisis

Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It Ask Yer Dead Foremama—Mary Wollstonecraft weighs in on domestic arrangements

Bitch Reads/Suggested

Listening Appendices: suffixes, Queens, and hairy armpits


A Natural History of Rape's shoddy science

the Rules redux and clothing-label hierarchies


Ready, Aim, Dyer—An interview with Action Girl's Sarah Dyer La Cage aux Follicles—Waxing conflicted on the subject of hair removal Bohemian Rhapsody—Chatting with author and critic Ann Powers When We Were Kings—Performing gender in drag city Where's the Butch?—Prime-time TV's flowy-haired, peasant-skirted vision of lesbians Testostifyin'—The Man Show and The X Show teach men to be boys Charmed and Dangerous—A celluloid witchapalooza Notes From Underground—An interview with journalist/playwright Paula Kamen SAF Doesn't Seek WM w/ Asian Fetish—seeking a cure for Yellow Fever

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