The Music Issue

Issue #14 | Summer 2001
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"I Was a Black Feminist Metalhead," Mr. lady, Boy-Band-O-Rama. Plus: Shhh... Librarians on Film, Carol Queen, and More

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Editor’s Letter — Why music?

Dear Bitch

Love It/Shove It

Bitch Reads

Suggested Listening

Where to Bitch

Field Testing — What a frat guy in an airport thinks of Bitch


CosmoGIRL! Redux

Grrrls redux

Publishing drama

GhostWorld’s Dan Clowes

Summer music-fest roundup


The Dewey-Eyed Decimal System —Checking out librarians on film

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific —Queering the story of female jealously

Master of Her Domain — An interview with sex edutainer Carol Queen

Your Mother’s Bitch Magazine —The ’80s rock zine that dared to ask, “If we can send a man to the moon, why can’t we send Greil Marcus?”

For Black Girls Who Have Considered Barry Manilow When Motley Crue is Enuf — A Black Feminist Metalhead Speaks

Sir Elton John and the Night Of the Roundtable —A conversation on music with Windy Chien, Alison Faith Levy, Katy St. Clair, and Oliver Wang

Q&A&R —A chat with major label exec Cheryl Pawelski

Hello Dolly…and K.D., and Loretta… — Feminism and country music: Who knew?

Boy Band-O-Rama —A concise, annotated chronological history of this always-fascinating and surprising music-industry phenomenon

I’m A Writer, Not A Lover —What do you do when you get an unwelcome backstage pass?

They Just Happen to Put Out Really Good Music — A visit to Mr. Lady, everybody’s favorite queer/feminist/punk record and video-art distro

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