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Issue #16 | Spring 2002
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Sandra Tsing Loh, Bindi 'N' Books: Ethnic Trendspotting, Cheryl Dunye, The Whole Oprah/Franzen Hoo-Ha. Plus: Infidelity!

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Editor's Letter—The Insider/Outsider conundrum, and some other big words Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It Where to Bitch. The Bitch list—yes, even more of our favorite things Books—The whole Oprah/Franzen hoo-ha Bitch Reads Music—Suggested Listening Back Page—Ally Sheedy and nerd chic: our chart finds the mysterious connection


Stupid cell-phone tricks bumping and grinding with the new breed of burlesque performers positive bleeding; The Learning Channel's plastic fantastic programming


The God of Big Trends—Book publishing's ethnic cool quotient Turning on the Girls—Anti-feminist feminists: Who needs 'em? Fear and Loh-thing in Van Nuys—Our interviewers try to get a question in edgewise with writer-performer Sandra Tsing Loh Righteous Step, Ferocious Yoga—Toward a feminist theory of exercise Evolution Grrrl-Style Now—Is there room in pop for feminism? Stranger in the House—An interview with Stranger Inside director Cheryl Dunye High Infidelity—Women don't cheat for pleasure? Oh, hogwash.

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