The Pink Issue

Issue #17 | Summer 2002
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Sarah Jones; Tootie, Come Home!; Artsy Girls and Drama Mamas

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Editor’s Letter—Big pink frosted cupcakes, tutus, and other formative experiences
Dear Bitch
Love It/Shove It
Where to Bitch.
Bitch Reads—Plus: Girls’ guides to practically everything!
Suggested Listening—Plus: Sisterz of the Underground
Back Page—Kelly Osbourne: pink. Sharon Osbourne: not pink. See where we’re going with this?


maternity fashion shows some skin
Sarah Jones vs. the FCC
the Pocahontas principle in Native American film
a look back at Ladies Against Women
The Pink list—A few of our favorite things, in a special color-appropriate edition


Black in the Day—On the disappearance of black women from sitcoms
Drama Mamas—Eight theater groups offer up hot thespian action. Plus: Become a producer in six easy steps
Avon Calling—Inside the superfeminine world of direct sales. Plus: Phranc, Tupperware lady
Our Vie En Rose—Girl talk with femininity historian and zinestress
Lynn Peril Separation of Church and Weight—Fleshing out Christianity’s contradictions. Plus: Pious girls on film
Womanly Arts—Painters! Sculptors! Installation artists! Our showcase has ‘em all
MI Way or the Highway—The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is at a crossroads over its admissions policy.
Our roundtable where to turn

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