The Transformation & Reinvention Issue

Issue #18 | Fall 2002
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Trina Robbins, Women's History Museums, The Public Breast. Plus: Celluloid Savagery!

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Editor's Letter—“I thought this was a feminist magazine, not a lesbian magazine” Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It Where to Bitch. The Bitch List Bitch Reads Suggested Listening Back Page—Dorian Solot and the Alternatives to Marriage Project


these activists have their eyes on Jew what's up with “you guys” scrap hounds


Women on the Wall—Putting the “us” back in museums Dis-Orient Express—The Venus-flytrap performance art of Kristina Sheryl Wong and Gennifer Hirano From Lesbian to Hasbian—Patrolling the boundaries of the dyke community Ch-ch-ch-changes—These five writers are quite aware of what they're going through. A transformation round up. Celluloid Savagery—Lost-in-the-wild films reveal how Hollywood sees the essentials of gender Porn Flakes—Why aren't more writers pushing the political limits of smut? Drawing on history—An interview with Trina Robbins Changing Reels—Transformation movies A to Z Unfit for Public Consumption—The shunning of the working breast

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