The Fame & Obscurity Issue

Issue #19 | Winter 2003
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Margaret Cho, Fame 'N' Feminism, Reluctant Groupies. Plus: Punk Pinups: Pro or Con?

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Editor's Letter — Living in oblivion Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It Where to Bitch The Bitch List Bitch Reads — but first: When famous kids publish Suggested Listening — but first: Princess Superstar Back Page — The Street Harassment Project


Everybody Wing Chun tonight Another one rides the bus Lady journalists stick it to 'em Newsprint chivalry


Secretary's Day-Taking a letter with screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson

Star Search — What happens when feminism and fame collide?

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire — On vicarious celebrity

Wheel to Power — The changing role of disability on network drama

Cho 'Nuff — An interview with Margaret Cho

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo — The web's new alternaporn

The Revolution Will Not Be Sanitized — The new politics of housework

Queens of the Iron Age — On the New Feminist Hygiene Products

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