The Masculinity Issue

Issue #28 | Spring 2005
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Bearded Ladies & Hairless Men, Boys, Triumph of the Dude, Cock Rock. Interviews: Murray Hill, Jim McKay, JD Samson, Michelle Tea, Tim'm West

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Editors' Letter—Dude For Thought Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It The Bitch List Bitch Reads Suggested Listening Plus: Cocksure: Who's rocking who? Back Page—The incomplete annals: A beta male taxonomy


On TV—I want my men's TV On Language—The other l-word On The Record—Free to Be… You and Me—but for how long? On Grooming—The waxing and waning of men's body hair


Undercover Brothers—The down low and the making of a media trend It's Reigning Men—Sausage-party politics and the rise of the dude Five Conversations About One Thing—Talking masculinity with JAMISON GREEN, MURRAY HILL, AYUN HALLIDAY, JOE KELLY, JIM MCKAY, AMY RICHARDS, MATTHUE ROTH, JD SAMSON, MICHELLE TEA, AND TIM'M WEST Band of Brothers—Riffing on equality at the Different Kind of Dude Fest Growing Pains—Female facial hair gets plucky Go Wes, Jung Man—The philosophy of Wes Anderson

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