The Sex Issue

Issue #4 | Spring 1997
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Interviews: Lisa Palac, Sarah Jacobson. The Missionary Position, Tales of a Cosmo Sex Deviant, Reviews, Quiz, More! More! Don't Stop!

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Editor's Note—On speaking our sexual truths Dear Bitch—Reader letters Love It/Shove It Bitch Reads/Suggested Listening The Cute Boy—An ode to Chris Isaak


I Was a Cosmo Sex Deviant—A Cosmo quiz tells our reader a little more than she wanted to know Is Pop Culture Ruining Your Sex Life?—Take our quiz and find out Interview with Sarah Jacobson—The writer/producer/director of the groundbreaking film Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore Playboy vs. Details: An Investigative Report—Comparing the sexual m.o. of two surprisingly similar magazines In Re-Mission: Why Redbook Wants to Keep Us on Our Backs—America's favorite married woman's rag doesn't want you on top (Plus: We asked; you answered—What's your favorite position?) Expanding the Erotic Universe—The editor of the pansexual porn mag Paramour tells all about her editorial journey Q&A about T&A—An interview with veteran feminist pornographer Lisa Palac

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