The Art/See Issue

Issue #45 | Winter 2009
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OH YOKO! 20 Ways of Looking at an Art-World Icon | Ellen Papazian

VEILED THREATS: The Guerilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab | Arwa Aburawa

ART/HISTORY: Four Intersections of Art and Activism | Dakota Kim, Brittany Shoot, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Kara Jesella

SCREEN GEM: An Interview with Film Critic Molly Haskell | Sara Freeman

T.M.I.: Bodies, Blogs, and the Rise of the New Female Narrator | Niina Pollari

BROAD STROKES: The Spectrum of Female Artists Onscreen | Sarah McAbee

BREAK ME OFF A PIECE OF THAT BREAKUP SONG: Thao Nguyen on the Perverse Pleasure of Musical Pain


WIFE SUPPORT: The New Meaning of the Old Ball and Chain | Audrey Bilger

FROM TALK TO ROCK: A Q&A with Author Farai Chideya | Deesha Philyaw

POWER TO THE TWEEPLE: Progressive Activism in 140 Characters | Sarah Jaffe

Love It/Shove It

Tunnel Vision: Anatomy of a Failed Art Hoax by Jonanna Widner
The Biggest Winner by Ashley brittner
Hopped Up by Erin Noakes
Paper Boys by Jonathan Frochtwaijg
Would Our Lives Suck Without a Thinner Kelly Clarkson? by Sarah McAbee
Bitch In: Sheela Lambert by Elona E. Jones
Muscling In: A Q&A with Stumptuous’s Krista Scott-Dixon by Yael Grauer
Party Foul: An Open Letter to Meg Whitman by Heather Seggel
Take This Hijab and Love It by Jillian C. York
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad Men World (Wide Web) by Kelsey Wallace
Post-Natal Drip: Katie Roiphe’s Sudden Infant Douchebag Syndrome by Erin Gilbert




The Redwood Coast Review by Heather Seggel
20x200 by Courtney Gillette
Chonga Girls Celebrity Blog by Sara Reihani
Ready Grains Cereal by Heather Seggel
I Am Maru by Kelsey Wallace
Circus Finelli by Dakota Kim
Joann Wypijewski by Heather Seggel
Anne of Green Gables by Heather Seggel
Ladies’ Lindy Hop Weekends by Gina Helfrich
Menstruation Station by Kjerstin Johnson
Femme Fatale: Cinema’s Most Unforgettable Lethal Ladies by Sara Reihani



Sexism in America: Alive, Well, and Ruining Our Future (Barbara J. Berg, PhD) by Ellen Papazian
Who’s Your Mama?: The Unsung Voices of Women and Mothers (Yvonne Bynoe, Ed.) by Deesha Philyaw
The Love Children (Marilyn French) by Cate Simpson
Cheating on the Sisterhood: Infidelity and Feminism (Lauren Rosewarne, PhD) by Jyoti Roy
The Fat Studies Reader (Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay, Eds.) by Chloe Tribich
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen (Christopher McDougall) by Kristen Carvajal Huff
P.S.: What I Didn’t Say (Megan McMorris, Ed.) by Anastasia Masurat
The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism (Danya Ruttenberg, Ed.) by Wendy Elisheva Somerson
The Sixties (Jenny Diski) by Suzanne Labarre
Love in Infant Monkeys (Lydia Millet) by Monica Nolan
Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism (Alison Piepmeier) by Gabriela Salvidea
When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present (Gail Collins) by Niki Papadopoulos
Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti (Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain) by Brittany Shoot


I Can’t Think Straight (Director: Shamim Sarif) by Mandy Van Deven
The Headless Woman (Director: Lucrecia Martel) by Lisa Moricoli Latham
Diagnosing Difference (Director: Annalise Ophelian) by Alicia Izharuddin
Women in Trouble (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez) by Liana Aghajanian
Made in Pakistan (Director: Nasir Khan) by Mandy Van Deven
A Christmas Tale/Un Conte de Noël (Director: Arnaud Desplechin) by Martha Polk
A Woman in Berlin (Director: Max Färberböck) by Lisa Moricoli Latham
The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck by Mandy Van Deven


Trapped Animal (The Slits) by Kelsey Wallace
Normal as Blueberry Pie: A Tribute to Doris Day (Nellie McKay) by Kjerstin Johnson
The Purple Rhino Squad Versus the Blue Whale Super Heavy Assault Troops (The Angry Orts) by Jim Burlingame
Wild Angels (Mary Anne Hobbs) by Kimberly Chun
Anjulie (Anjulie) by Noah Berlatsky
Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know (Múm) by Michelle Broder Van Dkye
Hey Friend, What You Doing? (Pens) by Brittany Shoot
Homemade Ship (Rose Melberg) by Kimberly Chun
Somewhere Gone (Exene Cervenka) by Kjerstin Johnson
Girl of the Century (Rosie Flores) by Noah Berlatsky
Troubled, Shaken Etc. (Sian Alice Group) by Noah Berlatsky
Let’s Be Friends (The Lovemakers) by Kimberly Chun
Daptone Gold (Various Artists) by Kjerstin Johnson

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