The Confidential Issue

Issue #49 | Winter 2010
$8.95 print | $4.00 digital


HEROINE OVERDOSE: The Mediated Missons of Stiletto Spy School  |  by Yael Grauer

HOUSE PROUD—The Troubling Rise of Stay-at-Home Daughters (Plus: Is polygamy Too Creepy a Subject for Romance Novels?)  |  by Gina McGalliard

GENDER AND COMICS POTLUCK: A Graphic Survey of Where Women and Trans People are- and aren't- in the Comics Industry  |  by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Esther Pearl Watson

HAIR TRIGGER: The Evolving Politics of Women and Mustaches  |  by Rebecca Nieto

THE LADY VANISHES: The Too-Common Fate of Female Whistleblowers Around the World  |  by Anna Gielas

PAST IMPERFECT:The Feminine Mystique and the Persistence of Nostalgia  |  by Eryn Loeb

A WOMB OF HER OWN: Sperm Donor X Comes Clean about Assisted Reproduction  |  by Mandy Van Deven

CRADLE WILL ROCK: A Q&A with Rock Legend Patti Quatro  |  by Sara Kantner


99 PROBLEMS: Why Women's Glossies Need to Lay Off the Lists  |  by Kay Steiger

IT'S ALL RIGHT TO CRY (AND NEEDLEPOINT): Rosey Grier, Football Hero and Unlikely Craft God  |  by Zack Furness

REMOTE CONTROL: Media Activist Jennifer L. Pozner Talk Back to TV  |  by Shira Tarrant

Love It/Shove It

Indecent Proposal: The Modesty Survey  |  by Christine Seifert
Beast Master: Monster Girl Erika Lopez  |  by Suzanne Rush
Pipe Dream: Original Plumbing  |  by Kjerstin Johnson
Only the Lonely: Emily White  |  by Heather Seggel
Wrappers Delight?  |  by Jonanna Widner
Bitch In: The Queer Zine Archive Project  |  by Sara Kantner


ADVENTURES IN FEMINISTORY: Dr. Marie Equi  |  by Sarah Mirk


The Zinester's Guide to NYC by Andi Zeisler
Blame it on Fidel by Jim Burlingame
Gurlesque by Kathleen Rooney
Ladybits Comedy by Emma Kat Richardson
Crafted Systems by Elizabeth Lopeman
Vagina Skatepark by Mel Mundell
The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex by Erica Lies
Pipilotti Rist by Brittany Shoot
Destroy All Movies!!! by Andi Zeisler


Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman, Eds.) by Katura Reynolds
Are You My Guru? How Medicine, Meditation & Madonna Saved My Life (Wendy Shanker) by Heather Seggel
The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting Over New Media (Ilana Gershon) by Dakota Kim
Push Comes to Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women (Maud Lavin) by Tammy Oler
Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford (Leslie Brody) by Monica Nolan
Misframing Men: The Politics of Contemporary Masculinities (Michael Kimmel) by Wendy Elisheva Somerson
Down Among the Dead Men: A Year in the Life of a Mortuary Technician (Michelle Williams) by Maria Alexander
Feminist Technology (Linda L. Layne, Sharra L. Vostral, and Kate Boyer, Eds.) by Chloe Tribich
Special Exits: A Graphic Memoir (Joyce Farmer) by Niki Papadopoulos
Cut Away (Catherine Kirkwood) by Kathleen Rooney


Cho Dependent (Margaret Cho) by Jonanna Widner
Honeymoon for One (Candace Roberts) by Monica Nolan
Hearts on Hold (Tu Fawning) by Katie Presley
Sound of the Westway (Chin Chin) by Jess Scott
Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) by Brittany Shoot
Return of the Century (The 1900s) by Lindsay Baltus
Fifteen (Super Wild Horses) by Jess Scott
Danny (Heavy Cream) by Erica Steckl
Dunes (Dunes) by Jess Scott
ProfitAndLoss (Nerdkween) by Claire Ashton


Which Way Home (Director: Rebecca Cammisa) by Brittany Shoot
The Final Girl (Director: Todd Verow) by Denise Silva
Beeswax (Director: Andrew Bujalski) by Sara Reihani
Conceiving Ada (Director: Lynn Hershman Leeson) by Katie Waldeck
Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo (Director: Bradley Beesley) by Sara Reihani
Wild Grass (Les Herbes Folles) (Director: Alain Resnais) by Cortney Andrews
The People I've Slept With (Director: Quentin Lee) by Denise Silva
Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger (Director: Cathy Randall) by Sara Reihani
Radical Act (Director: Tex Clark) by Lauren Wissot

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