The Masculinity Issue

Issue #6 | Fall 1997
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Life. Lust. Standing Up to Pee. Inside: Erika Lopez, Dr. Laura, Women in Sports

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Editor’s Note—What our culture expects of its men is the other half of the “women are,” “women should,” “women must” equation
Dear Bitch
Love It/Shove It
Bitch Reads/Suggested Listening The Cute Boy—An ode to Matthew Modine


Plastic Fantastic Lover—A roundtable on silicone sex dolls, scary marketing, and what men really want
Urinalysis—The way women pee makes them cumbersome and solipsistic, says Camille Paglia, the grande dame of pretentious pseudofeminism
Women with Balls—Is Sports Illustrated Women/Sport a small step forward for womankind, or a giant leap for marketing execs?
The Straight Boy Shuffle—Do het white guys really have it as easy as we think?
Lies, Deceit, Spray-on Hair—We read men’s magazines so you don’t have to
Attack of the Killer Tomato—An interview with artist, author, and biker Erika Lopez
Why I Hate Dr. Laura—Bad advice, condescension, and really huge teeth
Hot and Bothered—Why does everyone say that boys have only one thing on their minds?

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