The Maps & Legends Issue

Issue #62 | Spring 2014
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WHAT HAPPENED TO HOME ECONOMICS? The Rise and Fall of a Contested Discipline  |  by Christen McCurdy

MOCK & AWE: Janet Mock on Truth-Telling, Community Building, and Writing the Story She Had Been Waiting for her Whole Life  |  by Tina Vasquez

MEETING IN THE MIDDLE: A Dispatch from the Badlands  |  by Dianna Anderson

OUT OF THE FRAME: How News and Pop Culture Obscure Immigrant Women  |  by Celena Cipriaso

THE UNMAPPABLE WOMAN: Historians’ Efforts to Pin Down Isabelle Eberhardt  |  by Erin Gilbert

HOT UNDER THE BONNET: The Cooptation of Amish Culture in Mass-Market Fiction  |  by Audrey deCoursey

MAPPING MIDDLE-EARTH: Lord of the Rings Tourism and New Zealand’s Landscape  |  by Camille Owens

BLACK TO THE FUTURE: How Women in Pop are Carrying the Mantle of Afrofuturism  |  by Alley Pezanoski-Browne


DROPPING THE PIN: Why Women aren’t Always Down with Location-Based Apps  |  by Thursday Bram

RIFFS OF PASSAGE: Three L.A. Bands with More than Music on their Mind  |  by Tina Vasquez

IT’S MY PARTY: How Conspicuous Consumption Became the Theme of Sweet Sixteens  |  by Ruby Bilger

Love It/Shove It

WORKING OUT SOME ISSUES: The Latest in “Inspirational” Ableism  |  by Anna Hamilton
DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: The Queer New World of Ballez  |  by Elyssa Goodman
AGENTS OF CHANGE: Marvel’s Move Toward Diversity on Screen  |  by Kelly Murray
UNSTEADY SHELF: The Endangered Landscape of Feminist Bookstores  |  by Rhian Sasseen
BITCH IN: Reina Gossett  |  by Toshio Meronek


ADVENTURES IN FEMINISTORY: Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk  |  by Virginia Paine


Jane, the Fox & Me by Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
We Want the Ariwaves by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Bee and Puppycat by Kjerstin Johnson
Getting On by Kate Lesniak
Revolutionary Lives by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
This Assignment is so Gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching by Penelope Dane
Go! Go! Sports Girls by Arielle Yarwood
Paula Modershon-Becker by Sally Deskins
Trangress Press by Becky Garrison
Marthalicia Matarrita by Arielle Yarwood


Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity (Diane Negra and Yvonne Tasker, Eds.) by Joshunda Sanders
When Sex Changed: Birth Control Politics and Literature Between the World Wards (Layne Parish Craig) by Crystal Erickson
Divas, Dames & Daredevils: Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics (Mike Madrid) by Katie Presley
The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality (Avital Norman Nathman, Ed.) by Gretchen Sisson
Seriously! Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Mattered (Cynthia Enloe) by Wendy Elisheva Somerson
Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, from Birth to Tween (Melissa Atkinds Wardy) by Katura Reynolds
The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order (Kate Eichhorn) by Katie Presley


Small Town Heroes (Hurray for the Riff Raff) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Beta (BFlecha) by Blanca Méndez
Lionize (Take Berlin) by Stephanie Nolasco
Burn Your Fire for No Witness (Angel Olsen) by Katie Presley
Lizzobangers (Lizzo) by Emilly Prado
Memory is a Strange Bell (Mélissa Laveaux) by Katie Presley
Battle of You (Battle of You) by Arielle Yarwood
Swallow my Bones (Whore Paint) by Emilly Prado 
Chest of Hearts (My Midnight Heart) by Katie Presley


Rock, Rage & Self Defense: An Oral History of Seattle’s Home Alive (Directors: Leah Michaels and Rozz Therrien) by Laina Dawes
Valencia (Directors: Various) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
The Contradictions of Fair Hope (Directors: S. Epatha Merkerson and Rockell Metcalf) by Nijla Mu’Min
Bronies (Director: Laurent Malaquais) by Oktay Ege Kozak
Death Metal Angola (Director: Jeremy Xido) by Laina Dawes
Lucky (Director: Laura Chekoway) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
The New Public (Director: Jyllian Gunther) by Rachel Smith
Band of Sisters (Director: Mary Fishman) by Arielle Yarwood

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