The Law & Order Issue

Issue #66 | Spring 2015
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Cyber crime • Olivia Benson • Black Lives Matter • PLUS: Ava DuVernay!


SISTER SOLDIERS: Black Women, Police Brutality, and the True Meaning of Black Liberation  |  by Tasha Fierce

LESSONS FROM LAW & ORDER: Twenty-One Writers Share Their Takeaways from America’s Favorite Crime Procedural

UNAPOLOGETICALLY SHUROOQ: The Kuwaiti Artist Discusses Her Taboo Tableaux  |  by Danna Lorch

SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE: Sex and Spirituality in the Black Church  |  by Tamara Winfrey Harris

LAW OF THE LAND: An Interview with Legal Scholar and MacArthur Genius Sarah Deer  |  by Victoria Law

REWRITING THE FUTURE: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice  |  by Walidah Imarisha

A MARCH TO REMEMBER: Ava DuVernay Brings Selma to the Screen  |  by Brianna Kovan

JOAN OF ROCK: Joan Armatrading Discusses Her New Tour, Old Favorites, and Favorite Haunts  |  by Dave Steinfeld


SHE-HULK, ATTORNEY AT LAW: She’s Mean, She’s Green, and She Believes in Due Process  |  by Tammy Oler

ROLL SIX FOR JUSTICE: What Roleplaying Games Can Teach Us About Law and Order  |  by Katherine Cross

INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY PATROL: For Mary Anne Franks, Cyber Harassment Is a Civil Rights Issue  |  by Raizel Liebler


BANNING CHEEK TO CHEEK: Are New U.K. Porn Laws Anti-Woman?  |  by Catherine Scott
CHICA CHIC: Bandida’s Feminist Fashion  |  by Emilly Prado
TAKE FIVE: Why The Interview Isn’t Hollywood’s Biggest Problem  |  by Sarah Mirk
UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR: Women’s Coaching Hit with Another Blow  |  by Adrienne Wallace
SEE YA, SHERLOCK: A New Wave of British Female Detective Shows  |  by Tammy Oler
BITCH IN: Diane Rodriguez  |  by Rachel Alexander


ADVENTURES IN FEMINISTORY: Pauli Murray  |  by Emily Niland


Your Illustrated Guide to Being One with the Universe by Kristin Rogers Brown
Play Out by Elyssa Goodman
Spread by Camila Coddou
Earthling by Tara Michelle Ziniuk
Late Night Love Affair by Ellie Piper
Métis in Space by Sarah Mirk
Sex Siopa by Lora O’Brien
Barf Troop by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
Corita Kent by Sally Deskins
Braless by Tyler Rizzo


If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission (Jo Piazza) by Kelsey Irving Beson
I am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet (Leora Tanenbaum) by Katie Presley
Rednecks, Queers, & Country Music (Nadine Hubbs) by Heather Seggel
Motherhood Smotherhood: Fighting Back Against the Lactivists, Mompetitions, Germophobes, and So-Called Experts Who are Driving Us Crazy (JJ Keith) by Katura Reynolds
Women (Chloe Caldwell) by Elisheva Somerson
Plucked: A History of Hair Removal (Rebecca M. Herzig) by Crystal Erickson
Love & War: How Militarism Shapes Sexuality and Romance (Tom Digby) by Samantha Updegrave
Untold Stories: Life, Love, and Reproduction (Kate Cockrill, Lucia Leandro Gimeno, Step Herold, Eds) by Katie Presley
Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism (Amber Jamilla Musser) by Crystal Erickson


Animism (Tanya Tagaq) by Katie Presley
Empathy for the Evil (Mecca Normal) by Alyxandra Vesey
Switch Tape (Tkay Maidza) by Crystal Erickson
On Your Own Love Again (Jessica Pratt) by Alley Pezanoski-Browne
The Calling (Merna) by Claire Ashton
Buscabulla (Buscabulla) by Emilly Prado
Years (Gold Lake) by Stephanie Nolasco
Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush (The Harmaleighs) by Katie Presley
Girlpool (Girlpool) by Emilly Prado


Altina (Director: Peter Sanders) by Andi Zeisler
Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon (Directors: Jodi Darby, Julie Perini, Erin Yanke) by Amy Lam
Ladonna Harris (Director: Julianna Brannum) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Director: Ana Lily Amirpour) by Bridey Heing
It Was Rape (Director: Jennifer Baumgardner) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Las Libres: The Story Continues (Director: Gustavo Montaña) by Amy Lam
Lily (Director: Matt Creed) by Sara Black McCulloch
Free the Nipple (Director: Lina Esco) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino

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