The Puberty Issue

Issue #7 | Spring 1998
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Editor’s Note—Why girls need feminism most during those awkward pubescent years

Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It

Bitch Reads/Suggested

Listening Not Least—The last word on something that’s under our skin. This time it’s Rolling Stone


Heard It Through the Loveline—MTV’s sex advice show lets two unqualified jokers steer the lives of impressionable viewers

High School Confidential—The life of comic artist, social commentator, and chemistry whiz Ariel Schrag is an open book

Rubyfruit Junglegym—An annotated bibliography of the lesbian young adult novel

Jumpin’ on the Bandwagon—Teen girl rag Jump tries to cash in on the body-positive trend

Absolutely Capitalist—Navigating the shark-infested waters of corporate publishing

Stormin’ Norma—Saluting the godmama of young adult lit

Where No Man Has Gone Before—An exploration of the frontiers of metagender

The Bitch List—More than a few of our favorite things

Girls Play—Theresa Duncan’s wild and imaginative CD-ROMs give Barbie a swift kick in the plastic butt

Foxy Girl—Teenage entrepreneur Ariel Fox has a product that sticks up for girls

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