The 20th Anniversary Issue

Issue #70 | Spring 2016
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Twenty years of feminist response to pop culture? We can’t quite believe it either. For this special anniversary issue, we asked the authors of 17 of our favorite articles, essays, and interviews to revisit their work and offer a sense of how things have changed—and how they haven’t. We also invited four different writers to consider how key spheres of feminist evolution—history, culture, identity, and community—continue to impact the project of media creation and criticism. It’s a snapshot of where we are now, and where we’re going next.


Intro by Heather Seggel, art by Eleni Kalorkoti

Female Bonding: The Strange History of Wonder Woman | K. L. Pereira

Never Said Nothing: A Brief History of “Cunt” in Pop Music | Lindsay Zoladz  

It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women | Tina Vasquez

The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films | Sarah Mirk


Intro by Cassandra Leveille, art by Daniel Fishel

The Ambition Condition: Women, Writing, and the Problem of Success | Anna Clark

Of Woman Borg: Bionic Betties, Radical Robots, and the Evolution of the Artificial Woman | Tammy Oler

Ain’t I a Mommy?: Bookstores Brim with Motherhood Memoirs. Why Are so Few of Them Penned by Women of Color? | Deesha Philyaw  

Turning the Tables: The Hip Hop Wars Author Tricia Rose Discusses Corporate Music, Hypermasculinity, and Scratching out Misogyny | Latoya Peterson

It’s Jane’s House—We Just Live in It: Brontë, Feminism, and the Gothic Tradition | Sarah Seltzer


Intro by Julia Serano, art by Nicole Miles

Color Commentary: On Its 40th Birthday, Toni Morrison’s “the Bluest Eye” Still Resonates | Courtney Carliss Young

Craving the Other: One Woman’s Beef with Cultural Appropriation and Cuisine | Soleil Ho

No Disrespect: Black Women and the Burden of Respectability | Tamara Winfrey Harris

The Questioning Continuum: Seeking Sexuality as a Lifelong Process | Joshunda Sanders


Intro by Veronica I. Arreola, art by Jeannie Phan

House Proud: The Troubling Rise of Stay-At-Home Daughters | Gina McGalliard

Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse…And How We Can Stop It | Katherine Cross

Life on Mars (Hill): Faith and Feminism in a Fast-Growing Megachurch | Alison Sargent

Mock & Awe: Janet Mock on Writing the Story She’d Been Waiting for Her Whole Life | Tina Vasquez



DOUCHEBAG DECREE: The best of the worst. 


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