The Kids These Days Issue

Issue #72 | Fall 2016
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Far too often, young folks get a bad rap. They’re too entitled! They don’t listen! What’s with the ironic mom jeans? And yet young people are the ones leading the vanguard, as they have in so many generations: They’re putting themselves on the front lines of activism, fighting oppression, and pushing for a better world. In this issue, we explore childhood and youth as more than a rite of passage or target market. So don’t get off our lawn just yet.


BEING AND RECLAIMING: A conversation on sexuality, respectability, and the pressures of Black girlhood. | Zoé Samudzi and Tamara Winfrey Harris

BIRDS, BEES, AND BEYOND: Toward more inclusive sex ed in India. | Sarita Santoshini

SIGNS, SAINTS, AND SYMBOLS: Transgender kids in media are not here to forgive you. | Evelyn Deshane

SUPERPOWER PLAY: A new generation of children’s cartoons struggles to smash gender norms. |  Everett Maroon

MOVE ALONG, SURVIVORS: Excerpts from Unsportsmanlike Conduct. | Jessica Luther

ELECTRIC YOUTH: Eight activists who are sparking change right now. 


ON BOOKS: Searching for protagonists of color in YA lit | Victoria Law

ON MEDIA: Tuning In: How a new generation is schooling itself on sexuality | Sarah Mirk

ON PARENTHOOD: Bumped Off: What will it take to destigmatize teen parenthood? | Natasha Vianna


DEPARTMENT OF EVERYTHING | A little of this, a little of that.
BITCHLIST | Staff picks and feminist favorites inspired by kids these days.
FROM THE HQ | A look at the substance, support, and strategies of feminist media.


ThreadbareThe DoulasTrainwreck, and more.


Audrie & DaisyJacksonMariela Castro’s March, and more.


Angel Olsen, SHIRA, Xenia Rubinos, and more.


KIDS THESE DAYS | Shannon Wright


Illustration by Kristen Dullum

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