The Chaos Issue

Issue #73 | Winter 2017
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Most of the time we try to avoid chaos when we can—guarding against disorder, upheaval, tumult—and why wouldn’t we? More often than not chaos is frightening and profoundly uncomfortable. But it can also be generative and even revolutionary. That place of complexity and contradiction is exactly what we at Bitch wanted to explore in this issue.


UNNATURAL DISASTERS: The human cost of human-caused disasters. | Bani Amor

MALE TEARS FOR FEARS: Embracing the ironic performance of misandry. | Catherine Young

THE PHYSICS OF MELANIN: Science and the chaotic social construct of race. | Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

THE MILITARIZATION OF EVERYTHING: An excerpt from Necessary Trouble. |  Sarah Jaffe

ICED OUT: Blair Braverman on gender, trauma and the dual realities of life in the Arctic. | Sarah Marshall


ON DYSTOPIA: How fictional apocalypses reveal and soothe our greatest fears | s.e. smith

ON SCIENCE: How women are leading the field in psychedelic psychotherapy | April M. Short

ON IDENTITY: Finding community and self-evolution in gaming | Jo Ferraro


Lapis & Harley | Annie Mok


3 Things Leaders at Standing Rock Want You to Know | Vivian Underhill
Key Word: Spectrum
Reproductive Rights Corner: Hail Satan | Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
Pop Life: Katherine Goble Johnson | Sarah Mirk
Special Delivery: Innovative abortion access in Irelan | Rebecca Koon
Bad With Money: Gaby Dunn | Rebecca Koon


Hexing as activism by Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
Spot On by Alex Gregory
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Sarah Mirk
Rupi Kapur by Emily McCarty
Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art by Britt Ashley
Depression: A Public Feeling by Rebecca Koon


You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain (Phoebe Robinson) by Roberta Nin Feliz
Becoming Unbecoming (Una) by Taylor Thomas
My Life With Things: The Consumer Diaries  (Elizabeth Chen) by Jess Kibler
Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online (Bailey Poland) by Crystal Erickson
Women in the Qur’an: An Emancipatroy Reading (Asma Lamrabet) by Allison Floyd
How to Win at Feminism: The Definitive Guide to Having it All and Then Some! (Reductress) by Heather Seggel
Future Sex (Emily Witt) by Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Rumba Under Fire The Arts of Survival from West Point to Delhi (Irina Dumitrescu, Ed.) by Heather Seggel
Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science, and Society (Cordelia Fine) by Katie Klabusich
Un/Masked: Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl on Tour (Donna Kaz) by Allison McCarthy
Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual (Jessica Bennett) by Lee Jutton


Ovarian Psycos  (Directors: Joanna Sokolowski and Kate Trumbull-Lavalle) by Bani Amor
Queen of Katwe (Director: Mira Nair) by Stephanie Abraham
Little Wing (Director: Selma Vihunen) by Ana Valens
The If Project (Director:Kathlyn Horan) by Elizabeth King
Profiled (Director: Kathleen Foster) by Bani Amor
Ixcanul (Director: Jauro Bustamante) by Nijla Mu’min


Remember Us to Life (Regina Spektor) by Kate Drozynski
Retribution (Tanya Tagaq) by Mina Tavakoli
Jessica Rabbit (Sleigh Bells) by Jude Watson
The Complete Trio Collection (Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt) by Sarah Ventre
Ojos Del Sol (Y La Bamba) by Catherine Degennaro
Don’t Let the Kids Win  (Julia Jacklin) by Beca Grimm  
Sirena (Magdalena 3 Vidas) by Anhelo Escalante
For All We Know (NAO) by Chanelle Adams


Photography by Cheyenne Randall

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