The Family Values Issue

Issue #74 | Spring 2017
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The term “family values” is deeply loaded and has long been co-opted as part of conservative rhetoric, excluding the many radical possibilities that the idea of family can embody. As such, our goal for this issue was to explore and challenge the beliefs and standards traditionally associated with this expression.


REVERBERATIONS: History and legacies of resistance in Black women’s music. | Roberta Nin Feliz

JEW KID ON THE BLOCK: From aspirational to political—becoming the feminist Jewish mother I want to see in the world. | Kendra Decolo

MATERIAL ACTS: Chilean embroiderers record memory stitch-by-stitch. | Cecilia Nowell

THE STUFF OF PULP FICTION: An excerpt from Stand Your Ground. |  Caroline E. Light

#ITHAPPENEDTOUS: How chosen families support queer survivors of sexual abuse. | Maneo Mohale

ALL IN THE FAMILY: NBC and the manufacturing of Donald Trump. | Jennifer L. Pozner


ON ETHICS: Deportation policies just don’t add up | Natascha Uhlmann

ON FAMILY BUSINESS: Khloé Kardashian’s performance of body | Lauren Hoffman

ON MOTHERS: Why are superheroes so afraid of mature women in power | Peter Nagy


DRAWN OUT: Family Values | Bianca Xunise


Name Changer: Family Values @work | Ellen Bravo and Wendy Chun-Hoon
Key Word: Epigenetics
Reproductive Rights Corner: Co-opting Adoption | Rebecca Konn
Q&A: Mallory Ortberg | Amelia Aryelan-Iuvino
Adventures in Feministory: Qiu Jin | Elisha Lim
3 Things Steven Universe Teaches Us About Poly Family Dynamics | Heidi Teague
Podcast Roundup | Amy Lam


FIYAH Literary Magazine by Alexxander Dovelin
Women Who Draw by Kristin Rogers Brown
Slow Holler Collective Tarot by Britt Ashley
Got a Girl Crush by Andi Zeisler
John Brown by Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
The Artist by Alex Gregory


The Perils of “Privilege”: Why Injustice Can’t be Solved by Accusing Others of Advantage (Phoebe Maltz Bovy) by Wendy Elisheva Somerson
The Crunk Feminist Collection (Brittney C. Cooper, Susana M. Morris, and Robin M. Boylorn) by Joshunda Sanders
Dr. Joyce Brothers: The Founding Mother of TV Psychology  (Kathleen Colliins) by Tammy Oler
Living a Feminist Life (Sarah Ahmed) by Anna Hamilton
American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus (Lisa Wade) by Ana Valens
The Art of Waiting: On Fertility, Medicine, and Motherhood (Belle Boggs) by Rebecca Koon
Abandon Me (Melissa Febos) by Allison McCarthy
Hi, Anxiety: Life with a Bad Case of Nerves (Kat Kinsman) by Heather Seggel


Woman on Fire (Director: Julie Sokolow) by Sam Riedel
A Revolution in Four Seasons (Director: Jessie Deeter) by rhienna reneé guedry
Too Black to be French? (Director: Isabelle Boni-Claverie) by Ana Valens
Wilhemina’s War (Director: June Cross) by Bani Amor
13th (Director: Ava DuVernay) by Stephanie Abraham
Under the Shadow (Director: Babak Anvari) by Elizabeth King


The Navigator (Hurray for the Riff Raff) by Verónica Bayetti Flores
love and noir (dentia and sene) by Jude Watson
Pieces in Space (Sammus) by Chanelle Adams
Here (Alicia Keys) by Ilana Kaplan
Memories are Now (Jesca Hoop) by Desiré Moses
Evil Thoughts (Vocífera) by Mina Tavakoli  
Future Politics (Austra) by Christine Capetola
Nothing Feels Natural (Priests) by Claire Ashton


Paper illustrations by Lorraine Nam

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