The Revenge Issue

Issue #78 | Spring 2018
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Revenge, a state of pursuit, begins with a wrong. Or wrongs, as in the patriarchy, wizards, bullies, heteronormativity, gender binaries, complicity, good intentions, erasure, and the tired bemoaning of ethnocentrics with limited imaginations of freedom.

Our newly redesigned magazine showcases the best pop-cultural analysis and centers our communities of color and those who identify as women, trans, queer, and all who see themselves across, off, or beyond the spectrum of genders. We amplify feminist critique for change makers, boat rockers, Dreamers, first gens, fighters, troublemakers, rogues, and the banned—all the ones deemed too dangerous, threatening, or agitating. We’re here to declare revenge by imagining and defining brilliance and resilience in pop culture for feminist communities of color. Our revenge is not about redemption, it’s about reclamation.

first of all

Letter from the Editor | Lisa Factora-Borchers
Love It/Shove It
Wisdom from Wednesday Addams | Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
7 on Revenge | Mia Burcham, Sabrina Nelson & Lillyanne Pham
Feminist Fill-In: Andrea Jenkins | Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
Bitch List


Irish Uprising: A Country’s Vote on Abortion Will Change Everything | Meghan Neely
A Woman Scorned: The Cold Vengeance of Hindi Cinema | Bedatri Datta Choudhury
Snake Eyes: The Power to Turn the Patriarchy to Stone | McKenzie Schwark


Punishment Is Not Justice: Defying Definitions after Sexual Violence | Wendy C. Ortiz
First of Many: Jamia Wilson, Lisa Lucas, and Kima Jones on the Future of What We Read | Hosted by Lisa Factora-Borchers
Black Retribution in Tech: The Audacity to Imagine | Kortney Ziegler
Reigning from the Ground: The Gravity of Soledad O’Brien | Lisa Factora-Borchers
Uneasy Spirits: Black Vengeance in Supernatural Pop Culture | Bemnet Gebrechirstos

From the HQ

Letter from Our Director of Community and Our Publisher
Fellowship Frequency: Bemnet Gebrechirstos
Buzz Board: You Make Bitch Happen
Community Focus: Meet Our New Design Team
Callout Corner: The Ellie Awards
Staff Sound Off: The Bachelor


Reparations as Revenge: Reina Gossett Wants Her Just Due | Raquel Willis
Turning 20: How an Iconic ’90s Film Normalized Stalking | Rachel Vorona Cote


The Corn-Fed Whiteness of Rural Literature | s.e. smith
BitchReads | Evette Dionne
What We’re Reading: Tayari Jones


The Exploitative Violence of Rape-Revenge Films | Cate Young
How Tracy Oliver Brought Black Girl Magic to Hollywood | Veronica Hilbring
The Blaxploitation Flims That Made Pam Grier an Icon | Evette Dionne
M.F.A. Rewrites the Rape-Revenge Formula | Sezín Koehler
What We’re Watching: Janet Varney


The Impermissible Arrogance of Nicki Minaj | Killian Wright-Jackson
What We’re Listening To: bell’s roar
What Makes a Criminal? | Vanessa Willoughby
Lyrics We Love
BitchTapes: A Playlist by Kim Petras
Adventures in Feministory

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