The Travel Issue

Issue #79 | Summer 2018
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When is “travel” not just about movement? Well, always—and when a person, tribe, or community moves from one place to another, the story behind the journey can be critical. What helps us pass between borders of nation, identity, and affiliation? What impedes our movements, or shrinks them into stagnation? The ports, landings, and paths themselves are only part of the story.

first of all

About The Issue | The Bitch Crew
Love It/Shove It
Wisdom from Carmen Sandiego | Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
7 on Travel | Mia Burcham, Sabrina Nelson & Lillyanne Pham
Feminist Fill-In: Cristina Jiménez | Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
Bitch List


Brand-New World: Nellie Bly’s Record-Defying Travels | Ann Foster
Racial Roadblocks: American Anti-Blackness in Motion | Jenn M. Jackson
Ramped Up: Navigating Through Ableist Architecture | Margaret Andersen


The Heart of Whiteness: On Spiritual Tourism and the Colonization of Ayahuasca | Bani Amor
The Future Is Fembot: Can We Change the Direction of Gendered AI? | Dejan Jotanovic
Word Travels: The Social Network Sex Workers Built | Chanelle Gallant
Nowhere Is Home: Two Well-Traveled Writers on Roots, Writing, and Exile | Porochista Khakpour & Alexander Chee, Hosted by Lisa Factora-Borchers
Photo Essay: A Woman, Phenomenally | Tiffany Smith

from the HQ

Letter from Our Director of Community
Bitch on Campus: Travel Edition
Community Focus: Popaganda’s New Host, Soleil Ho!
Buzzboard: Bee to Bee
Callout Corner: Venture Capitalists | Kate Lesniak
Staff Sound Off: Visiting Cuba | Veronica Corzo-Duchardt


Ready for Takeoff: Mapping the Black Travel Renaissance | Veronica Hilbring
Turning 20: Practical Magic Shows the Staying Power of Witches | Shannon Weber


Racial Passing As Chosen Exile | Jordan McDonald
BitchReads | Evette Dionne
What We’re Reading: Jes Baker


Ruth E. Carter Uses Clothes To Bring Black Worlds to Life | Vanessa Willoughby
Portal Fantasies Are a Gateway to Nowhere | s.e. smith
What We’re Watching: Stacy Rukeyser
Diving into The Handmaid’s Tale’s Fumbles with Nina Fiore | Samantha Reidel


Brazilian Pop Star Anitta Reclaims Her Bodily Autonomy | Nicole Froio
What We’re Listening To: Nitty Scott
Flash Forward Makes Improbable Futures a Reality | s.e. smith
Lyrics We Love
BitchTapes: A Playlist by Sarah Love
Adventures in Feministory: Asma Jahangir | Syan Rose & Fatima Arain

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