The Ghosts Issue

Issue #80 | Fall 2018
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We’re all haunted by something, but ghosts are not inherently meant to induce fear. Often, ghosts linger in our lives to teach us valuable lessons that guide our understanding of everything from the history’s circular patterns to the impact of diseases on marginalized communities to the importance of preserving native languages. In this issue, we ask a simple question: What are we to learn from things that are unseen?


Letter from the Editor | Evette Dionne
Love It/Shove It
Wisdom from Moaning Myrtle | Soraya Membreno
7 on Ghosts | Mia Burcham & Sabrina Nelson
Feminist Fill-In: Caitlin Doughty | Dahlia Balcazar
Bitch List


Marielle, Presente!: A Movement Remembers | Nicole Froio
Ghost in My Mouth: A Modern Diaspora’s Endangered Language | Aditi Natasha Kini
Female Trouble: Why Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca Still Possesses | Kerensa Cadenas


American Pain: Remembering Erica Garner’s Short Life and Everlasting Activism | Chaédria LaBouvier
Love Removal Machine: The Future of Outsourcing Sex | Naseem Jamnia
Pretty Girls Make Graves: How Female Suicide Became a Cultural Obsession | D.W. Anselmo
Dying Indifference: Confronting the Shame of Alzheimer’s in Black Communities | Marita Golden
Photo Essay: Gone | Anjali Pinto


Letter from Our Director of Community and Cofounder
Fellowship Frequency: Naseem Jamnia
Community Focus: Panteha Abareshi
Staff Sound Off: The Laws of Ghosts | Korin Lykam


Missing, Murdered, but Never Forgotten: Violence, Colonialism, and Justice for Indigenous Women | Abaki Beck
Turning 20: The Music Industry Transformed Lauryn Hill from Superstar to Specter | Cate Young


Literature’s Troubled Legacy of Grieving Madwomen | Ilana Masad
BitchReads | Evette Dionne
What We’re Reading: Eileen Truax


How Gloria Calderón Kellett Turned TV Into Her Playground | Cate Young
Excavating Trauma and the Healing Power of Haunted-Home Films | Sezín Koehler
Movies Where Women Unspool into Madness | Evette Dionne
What We’re Watching: Rhea Butcher | Katie Knepler
Nijla Mu’min Brings a Radical Portrait of Black Muslim Women to the Big Screen | Imran Siddiquee


Digitizing the Dead is Capitalism’s Next Ghoulish Move | Chanelle Adams
What We’re Listening To: Claire Gohst
Lore Unmasks Humans as the Real Monsters | s.e. smith
Lyrics We Love: Lauryn Hill Edition
BitchTapes: A Playlist by Frankie Simone
Adventures in Feministory: Transwomen Elders | Syan Rose & Fatima Arain

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