The Sanctuary Issue

Issue #85 | Winter 2020
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We are in the midst of a tumultuous uncontained time in world history. As the Earth melts around us, sexual violence runs rampant, and politicians wage war against reproductive autonomy, LGBTQ rights, and every other symbol of freedom, many of us are on an endless quest for some semblance of refuge. We just want relief, and this issue illuminates how people from all corners of our lives—from warm and welcoming podcast hosts to protective abortion clinic escorts to avid gardeners to revolutionary astrologists to queer real-estate agents—are helping us find and hold fiercely to a peace that can survive even the worse chaos.


Letter from the Editor | Evette Dionne
Snaps or Scraps
Tellings From Tuca & Bertie
7 on Sanctuary | Rachel Charlene Lewis
Feminist Fill-In: Maddy Court
Bitch List


Listening for Footsteps: Offering Brief Safety in a Hostile Place | Barbara Sostaita
Meme and My Squad: The Teens Tagging their Way to Queer Utopia | Peyton Dix
Where the Green Grass Grows: Cultivating a Haven Away from outside Violence | Elly Belle


Unequal Lending: Redefining Home in the Land of Inopportunity | Bani Amor
Moderating Mental Health: The Dangers of Social Media’s Report Button | s.e. smith
Safe and Sound: How Podcasts Became Audio Enclaves for Black Women | Briana Barner
(Un)spoken Truths: Cousins Grace and Roslyn Talusan on the Healing Power of Storytelling | Roslyn Talusan
An Old New World: When One People’s Sci-fi is Another People’s Past | Abaki Beck


Letter from the HQ
Community Focus
Rage Report
Thank You
Staff Sound Off


I Walk the (Front)lines: A Clinic Escort on the Politics of Protection | Lauren Rankin
Capitalism Got You Down? Turn Your Sad, Tiny Apartment into a Self-Care Sanctuary | Marina Watanabe


Literary Armor: Books Are an Invaluable Resource for Chronically Ill People | Caroline Reilly
What We’re Reading: Amanda Yates Garcia


Cheryl Dunye Is the Multitalented Film Legend You Should Know | Cate Young
On 90 Day Fiancé, Love is a Form of Capital | Jordan McDonald
Flixtapes: Friends Pull You Up and Never Let You Drown
What We’re Watching: Alexis Small
Chani Nicholas is Queering Astrology One Meme at a Time | Marina Watanabe


Solo Act: How R&B Music Made My First Apartment Feel like Home | Natelegé Whaley
What We’re Listening To: Rebecca Nagle
Lyrics We Love
BitchTapes: A Playlist by Rachel Strolle
Adventures in Feministory: Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich

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