The Power Issue

The Power issue cover featuring Meech, a Black woman with short hair dressed in a black and gold embroidered jacket and a Shakespearean ruff adorned around her neck, arms crossed in front giving a commanding look and demeanor.
Issue #88 | Fall 2020
$12.95 print | $5.00 digital

Who gets to attain power and who is penalized for wielding it? These are age-old questions that have come into sharp focus by recent cultural and political events—including the 2016 election, an ever-growing wealth gap, and now, a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Power is a constant negotiation as we navigate its dynamics in every facet of our everyday lives, from our workplaces to our romantic relationships to the ways we treat essential workers. Our Power issue speaks to this moment by interrogating the very nature of power itself, by exploring everything from housing justice to homeschooling to genetic testing to labor unions to Indian romance novels. In order to usher in equality, we must first figure out how inequality came to be, and this issue reflects the importance of asking questions that will lead us to liberation.


Letter from the Editor | Evette Dionne
Snaps or Scraps
Get In, Loser: Claiming Power with Janis Ian
7 on Fantasy | Rachel Charlene Lewis
Feminist Fill-In: Megan Giddings
Bitch List


Flipping the Focus: The Reclaimers Are Fighting the Vacant Housing Crisis | Zoie Matthew
Reflecting Strength: Therapists of Color: Unravel Power from Whiteness | Christal Yuen
Lessons in Defiance: Homeschooling Lets Black Girls Learn in Peace | Jaelani Turner-Williams


No New Normal: Who Will We Be After This Nightmare Is Over? | Kim Kelly
Palatable Love: Seeking a Happily Ever After in a White Publishing World | Madhuri Sastry
The Cautious Gene: Genetic Testing Inherits a Legacy of Distrust | Marissa Evans
Love and Surveillance: Dating Shows Channel More Than Reality | Imran Siddiquee
Trolling in the Deep: Deepfakes Are the Latest Innovation in Online Shaming | Padmini Parthasarathy


Letter from the HQ
Fellowship Frequency
Rage Report
Community Focus
Staff Sound Off


Let It Burn: Transgender Cooks Are Changing Kitchen Culture | Stacy Jane Grover
Poor Unfortunate Goals: Disney Villains Are the True Queer Icons | Marina Watanabe


All Together Now: Novels Fight the Myth of the Mean Girl | Rachel Charlene Lewis
What We’re Reading: “Aria” | Hillary Gerber


Talking Kink with Mistress Velvet
Quid Pro No: Women Approach Power from a New Direction | Joshunda Sanders
Bosses Beware: Bringing the Fight for Fairness to the C-Suite
What We’re Watching: “Westworld” | Maurgea Albert-Adams
Color Obsession: Jade Purple Brown Brings Boldness and Blackness to Art | Rachel Charlene Lewis


Hold Up: When Music Treats Softness as a Superpower | Erica Campbell
What We’re Listening To: girl in red | Rachel Charlene Lewis
3 Pleasure Podcasts Offer Fresh Takes on Intimacy | Rachel Charlene Lewis
Lyrics We Love
BitchTapes: A Playlist by Vanessa Newman
Adventures in Feministory: Judith Heumann

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