Bitch Popaganda: We Be Clubbin' Edition

It’s like The View, but less popular Welcome back to Bitch Popaganda! Join us on our second foray into the world of audio pop-culture critique as we discuss Jon & Kate Plus 8’s pending separation,... Read more »

V-sides: Defining

  I'm not really sure where the term "vagina music" originated.  The first time I heard it was in Nicole Holofcener's awesome film Walking and Talking, when a male character complained to his female car-trip cohorts, "Are we gonna listen to this vagina music the whole way there?" ("Yes!") The... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

It’s Saturday again, so hit the mute button on those cartoons, put down your bowl of fruit loops, and get ready for some feminist LOL-ing! Our first feminist kitteh took a peek at Annalee’s blog post, The New York... Read more »

Bitch Tapes: Summertime, and the Living

It’s nearly officially summer, and in the Northwest, the sun takes its sweet time getting here and staying for the season. So, for those that need some help getting into the summertime mood, or just want a soundtrack for the season, here are some literal and figurative songs about summer,... Read more »

The New York Times "Reaches Out to Heavier Young Women"

Wednesday's New York Times Fashion & Style section featured an article on the recent "outpouring of fashions aimed at trend-driven, round-figured teenagers and young women." Round-figured?... Read more »

Where Have All the Riot Grrrls Gone? Pop Music and "Post-Feminism"

There was a pretty interesting article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle about some of today's female pop stars. The author, Steve Haruch, describes how candy pop acts like The Veronicas, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa are... Read more »

Vivian Girls talk to Bitch!

  Vivian Girls just finished a months-long tour that ended off in London. Somewhere in between SXSW and their jaunt overseas, Vivian Girls performed at Portland’s Holocene and took a minute to answer some fun, silly questions for Bitch. They tell us about their new album, their tattoos and... Read more »

Bitch Tapes: Songs about Sailors

Maybe it’s Fleet Week (or perhaps Pride Week?), but I themed this playlist around sailors. Plus I’ve always found something very Romantic (with a capital R, if you didn’t notice) about the sea and sailors–longing for... Read more »

<i>Cherry Bomb</i> is going to explode, and I don't mean in a good way

  So, Hollywood is finally making a movie about The Runaways. Shit yes, right? Well, no, actually, because cast as Joan Jett is Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in some tiny production-or-other, Twilight. To make matters worse, Cherie Currie will be played by...wait for it...Dakota Fanning. Um.... Read more »

Papa Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Strippers. Or Feminists: this week in awkward right-wing campaign videos

…come to us via VideoGum! First up is country ballad against porn (and strip clubs, and dirty thoughts) "Somebody's Daughter." Are your jerk-off sessions more like tearjerkers? Is your daughter going to become a "college casualty" at an "institute of higher... Read more »