Vivian Girls talk to Bitch!

  Vivian Girls just finished a months-long tour that ended off in London. Somewhere in between SXSW and their jaunt overseas, Vivian Girls performed at Portland’s Holocene and took a minute to answer some fun, silly questions for Bitch. They tell us about their new album, their tattoos and... Read more »

Bitch Tapes: Songs about Sailors

Maybe it’s Fleet Week (or perhaps Pride Week?), but I themed this playlist around sailors. Plus I’ve always found something very Romantic (with a capital R, if you didn’t notice) about the sea and sailors–longing for... Read more »

<i>Cherry Bomb</i> is going to explode, and I don't mean in a good way

  So, Hollywood is finally making a movie about The Runaways. Shit yes, right? Well, no, actually, because cast as Joan Jett is Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in some tiny production-or-other, Twilight. To make matters worse, Cherie Currie will be played by...wait for it...Dakota Fanning. Um.... Read more »

Papa Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Strippers. Or Feminists: this week in awkward right-wing campaign videos

…come to us via VideoGum! First up is country ballad against porn (and strip clubs, and dirty thoughts) "Somebody's Daughter." Are your jerk-off sessions more like tearjerkers? Is your daughter going to become a "college casualty" at an "institute of higher... Read more »

I'm anticipating the new Christina Aguilera album and I'm not ashamed of it

  I have to admit, when Christina Aguilera debuted "Genie In A Bottle" in 1999, I liked it. Granted, I was 15, but even then I didn't exactly dig Britney Spears, and thought it was kind of ridiculous that Aguilera was lumped into the same category as her. I still like Aguilera, I will sing along to... Read more »

BitchTapes: The Heavy Rotation Edition

I try to think of a theme when I'm making mixes; for my friends, as a DJ and on these here BitchTapes. This week, however, the only theme tying these songs together is that I like them. Ergo, this week's BitchTapes is aptly titled the Heavy Rotation Edition. There's a random Led Zeppelin cover, new... Read more »

Let me lay out the conditions that I know will entice

  The other day, a friend of mine challenged my claim that Peaches is brilliant. This launched us into a debate on her lyrical soundness in comparison to other artists who are characterized by sexual explicitness and why her raunchiness is different than theirs. We bounced around a few choice... Read more »

The Queertastics will Cheer You Up!

The Dallas Cheerleaders they’re not, but the Queertastics are using radical cheerleading to spread their message of body acceptance and good times both in and out of the queer community. Danny Hayes spoke with Deacon and August in Austin TX (the Queertastics’ hometown!) at Gay Bi Gay Gay... Read more »

Sound Bites

Music in short! • If you haven’t seen the Gossip’s infomercial for their upcoming album Music for Men, it’s time! (And if you haven’t seen Bitch’s infomercial, you... Read more »

BitchTapes: Anything but love edition

Song writing is hard to do—and writing a song that’s not about love must be even harder, because ‘non-love’ songs seem to be a really small percentage of what’s out there. So in honor of the musicians who work a little harder to explore stuff other than love,... Read more »