"Girls Like Us"

First things first: I stan for Joni Mitchell. That journalist Sheila Weller’s NYT Bestseller, “Girls Like Us” also features Carole King and Carly Simon is a nice extra, of course.  I haven’t even finished this book yet, but I just have to gush about it.  It’s music history, it... Read more »

Japanese musician who rocks the hardest

    Yoshimi P-we who plays with the psyche-noise-experimental group the "Boredoms" and is the leader of her own band "OOIOO." She is a musician of extraordinary talent and uniqueness, and is the kind of musician that makes you want to quit whatever your doing and take up drums for the rest of... Read more »

BitchTapes: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Break ups can be a real bitch, can't they? Wouldn't it be nice if both parties could just go their separate ways, cordially, without rancor, and without, say, the desire to take a Louisville slugger to anyone's headlights, to make harassing phone calls at dinnertime, name-calling, jealousy,... Read more »

For The Narcicyst, Iraq is the Bomb

Calling himself an "ambassador for conscious Arab hip-hop," Narcy makes music with the purpose of blowing something up: your mind, sucka. Read more »

Bored of Cheap and Cheerful

  The Kills have not stopped moving since the March 2008 release of their latest album, Midnight Boom. They have bounced back and forth from the US to Europe to Australia on tour, had their bus stolen out from under their noses in Texas, played gigs with The Gossip and The Raconteurs and made music... Read more »

BitchTapes: Your slice of WAKE UP heaven

Even though I'm currently on vacation, I still need an extra boost to get out of bed sometimes. Coffee is great and a cold shower is effective, but neither are as fun as listening to jumpy, catchy music. So, consider this your 25.4 minutes slice of WAKE UP heaven. (More after the jump!) Read more »

A Sharp Tongue Flows from the Motherland

Politically motivated and feminist-y hip-hop artist Nakaaya Sumari just signed to Sony Music after her independently released debut album, Nervous Conditions, took East Africa by storm last year. Will she be able to maintain the radical spirit of her music on a major label? Read more »

Fairuz: Legendary Chanteuse of Lebanon

Singer, Fairuz (Lebanese for 'turquoise'), is one of Lebanon's most celebrated national treasures. Don't take my word for it though—she's often referred to as the Soul of Lebanon, our Ambassador to the Stars, the Arab's Ambassador, Neighbor to the Moon... Read more »

BitchTapes: The Not Even Screwin' Around Edition

This edition of BitchTapes is dedicated to confidence, audacity and chutzpah. We can always use a little inspiration to hold our heads high. These tracks never fail to keep me faithful that I can conquer anything. So do what you’ve gotta do, because you can. Read more »

We Hope Asher Roth Gets His Wish

Malori brought us all up to speed yesterday on the Asher Roth phenomenon, I thought I'd call everyone's attention to point out that his new video, for the song "Be By Myself," only digs himself a deeper hole for anyone hoping to see anything other than a spoiled frat boy in the young pop culture... Read more »