This Land Was Made for Sharon Jones

The underground rock scene used to be something of a "boys only" club, despite the efforts and talents of a great many amazing female musicians. Even as late as the mid-nineties, the all-female Lilith Fair rock festival seemed necessary as a showcase for the women who managed to shred their way... Read more »

I Love (an Idealized, Hypermasculine Version of) College: An Update

A few weeks back, Kelsey blogged about Asher Roth's heteronormative, hypermasculinized, fratboy-centric conception of college. Though Kelsey deemed Roth to be singing in a serious as opposed to satirical tone, I couldn't... Read more »

Spring = Change

Spring is in the air – flowers are blooming, people are humming and folks are falling in and out of love. Here's a soundtrack for change.... Read more »

Deal with it! The Breeders have a new EP!

Seeing as their last full-length Mountain Battles took six years to come out (when you gotta tour with the Pixies, you gotta tour with the Pixies), it’s nice to see the Breeders aren’t slowing down any time soon! Fate to Fatal, the four track vinyl, is limited edition, so get your... Read more »

Hunx Tells Us About His Favorite Ladies Who Rock

Listening to Hunx and His Punx is kind of like listening to a sixties girl group–a really, really fabulously gay sixties girl group. Hunx is also a member of Gravy Train!!!!, which I first heard of when my bf at the time burned me a CD with this... Read more »

BitchTapes: Gender-Bendy Covers Edition

It’s Friday, and that means BitchTapes! (Located on the sidebar to your right as well as after the jump, for you newcomers out there.) Today I thought it would be nice to visit the fabulous land of cover songs. Because this is BitchTapes, I thought it would be even nicer to hear some covers... Read more »

Rad Ladies Who Draw Comics: Lucy Knisley and Angie Wang!

What a day! Two for one? Today's installment of Rad Ladies Who Draw Comics will feature TWO women comic artists! I was drawn to both these women for their quirky illustrations--Knisley has a whole series of small prints which depict everything from the Bronte sisters to Mulder and Scully. Bay... Read more »

Eagle and Talon: Can they soar?

  L.A.-based Kim and Alice Talon released their first full-length album Thracian on iTunes April 9. Drawing comparisons to Sleater-Kinney and Mission of Burma, Eagle and Talon can be found all over the internets and in publications like Bust. Though their roots are very DIY (they found each other... Read more »

The Secret History of Women in Rock- Charlotte and Christine Vinnedge of the Luv'd Ones

Charlotte and Christine Vinnedge were two sisters that decided to step outside of traditional gender roles and play Rock music together during the mid-’60s. They became the foundation of two different bands, the Tremolons and the Luv’d Ones, and were acting on Feminist principles before... Read more »

BitchTapes: Wishful Springing Edition

   In that magic few weeks when springtime is imminent, the days are newly long, and the sun, while not in full effect, is at least making its presence known, I can’t get enough of simple, yummy, classic pop songs. Here in Portland, these days have recently been more frustrating than magical... Read more »