Lovin' Leggings, Luxurious Gem Sweaters, and Leslie and the LY's

WARNING: What you are about to see will amaze, delight, and possibly cause you to make a closet full of gem sweaters. Straight out of the Midwest, the following artist has been sweeping the nation, rapping about everything from zombies to gold pants, breaking down the barriers that divide us by... Read more »

BitchTapes: Under Pressure(s)!

I've been feeling kinda stressed lately—and it shows with my BitchTapes mix. I collected a group of tracks about the external pressures we deal with day-to-day. You know, stuff like: Am I pretty enough? Tough enough? Smart enough? and on and on. The genres I've chosen are each so different, but... Read more »

Now We Can See: Thermals Album Release and Bitch Interview Excerpts!

Today marks the long-awaited release of “Now We Can See,” the fourth album from Portland’s own The Thermals. The album was reviewed in the “Buzz” issue of Bitch, but as a huge fan of the band, I... Read more »

Monday Fuzzies: Seattle School of Rock Covers Bikini Kill

I got a full night’s worth of sleep and the weather is beautiful in Portland, but sometimes you just need a little more to get through a Monday. So, consider this clip my gift to you: Seeing those girls give Kathleen Hanna a run for her money just makes my riot grrrl heart grow three sizes... Read more »

"Like a Rejection": Madonna Denied

When people talk about Madonna as a symbol of female empowerment, I have to ask, "Empowering to whom?" Certainly not to the black and brown people populating her Sex book, her videos, or her film Truth or Dare. It is through this lens of Madonna's messy racial and sexual politics that I viewed... Read more »

The Bitchin' 70s

I wasn’t even alive for the 70s, but there’s something about looking at photos from the decade – with their washed out lighting, feathered hair, and polyester galore – that makes me nostalgic. I picture myself cruising between N.O.W. and Black Panther rallies, with a stopover at a Germs... Read more »

I Just Love Bratmobile: A Video Roundup

    So, I know that I talk about Bratmobile all the time (this is not my first time using the “bratmobile” tag), but I really can’t emphasize enough how large of a... Read more »

BitchTapes: Portland Style

Portland is a mecca of greatness. The city claims the Bitch offices, more coffee shops than you can shake a stick at, bicyclists galore and tons of musicians. Some better-known Portland acts include M. Ward, The Shins, Spoon and The Decemberists. But woe unto you if you think the Portland music... Read more »

Athens Boys Choir Sings Away My Midweek Blues

    Wednesdays can be rough. They’re just a bit too far from the previous weekend to complain that you’re bummed it’s over and not quite close enough to the next weekend to revel in its proximity. In order to help you get through your Wednesday, I’ve... Read more »