BitchTapes: The Facts Playlist

Facts is here! Read more »

The Beat Got Thiccer: “Feminasty” Taunts and Flaunts Self Love

Miss Eaves sneezed on the beat and the beat got thiccer. Read more »

Kesha’s Not Alone: A.K. Karrasch on the Music Industry’s Abuse Problem

Abusive men are running music.  Read more »

After the Storm: “Rainbow” Gives Abuse Survivors a Rallying Cry

Kesha’s new album is a victory. Read more »

BitchTapes: Fight the Power

The resistance is just beginning. Read more »

Evolving Goddess: Manitas Nerviosas Fully Blossoms On “Ilumíname”

In a dangerous time for folks who don’t conform to the norms of the heteropatriarchy, Mou bravely walks onstage as proof that both gender transgression and resistance are more relevant than the fear and hate of the outside world. Read more »

Busting the Boys’ Club: Harlœ’s Leading a Music Revolution

Only six women have been nominated in the Grammys “Producer of the Year” category. Read more »

BitchTapes: Hella Vulnerable

There’s nothing wrong with expressing emotion. Read more »

“Ojos Del Sol” Celebrates Contradictions and Mexican Folklore

Y La Bamba finds their voice swaying and shaking in the in-betweens and unknowns, in the range and sum of experience. Read more »