Hi there.

Welcome to Delightfully Cranky, so named for my demeanor as described somewhere or other a long time ago. Though I guess y'all will have to judge the delightful quotient for yourselves.

Many of you prolly know me as the founding editor and publisher of Bitch. Since March 2006 I've gotten out of the pop culture game and have been doing some freelance writing, simmering some book ideas, and working my pesky, pesky day job. I'm also enjoying having a little more free time, and a lot more of a social life, than I ever had before.

Delightfully Cranky will detail my random musings on interesting (I hope) topics like the best book I've read lately, current causes of outrage, and, sometimes, what I ate for lunch ('cause I'm food-obsessed like that).

I'm also going to indulge a longstanding fantasy and satisfy the entreaties of many a friend with Dear Cranky Mondays: posts in which I will dispense words of, um, wisdom?, on dating and other topics of interpersonal communication (and anything else you want to ask about—send your questions to me via the contact form).

I hope you enjoy.

In crankiness,

by Lisa Jervis
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