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With advertising taking over acres of formerly neutral space and social networks turning our daily commentary into monetized content, the lives of ordinary citizens are more mediated now than ever before—and, increasingly, we have little choice about it. Media literacy has always been important, but these days understanding how everything from TV news to online search engines function is crucial. These 10 articles cover framing, marketing, stereotyping, and more, and offer ways to both look at and respond to media encroachment.

Lens Crafting: How frames change the way we read the news

Missed Connections: What search engines say about women

Out of the Frame: How News and Pop Culture Obscure Immigrant Women

Pink Slip: Breaking down the princess castle with Cinderella Ate My Daughter author Peggy Orenstein

Mad Science: Deconstructing bunk reporting in five easy steps

Half the Story: What Western documentaries and their “savior mentality” get wrong

That’s My Jam: The undersung history of feminist culture-jamming The New Jersey 4’s Trial By Media

Film Threat: Director Kirby Dick on Hollywood’s history of ratings hypocrisy

Additional reading and study questions

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