Black Women & Pop Culture: Race, Representation, & Reality

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From politics to parenting, hip hop to Hollywood, Black women face myriad unfair expectations steeped in history, racism, and sexism. This collection includes critical essays, interviews, and cultural reporting about how Black women (even Beyoncé) must navigate and persevere through these expectations.

WRITTEN OFF: Why aren’t black female screenwriters getting their due? | Nijla Mujlin (Issue 59)

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN: What do our perceptions of Beyoncé’s feminism say about us? | Tamara Winfrey Harris (Issue 59)

SISTER SOLDIERS: Black women, police brutality, and the true meaning of Black liberation. | Tasha Fierce (Issue 66)

AIN’T I A MOMMY? Bookstores brim with motherhood memoirs. Why are so few of them penned by women of color? PLUS: Veronica I. Arreola on Mommy Blogs. | Deesha Philyraw (Issue 40) 

TURNING THE TABLES: The Hip Hop Wars author Tricia Rose discusses corporate music, hypermasculinity, and scratching out misogyny. | Latoya Peterson (Issue 42)

MOCK & AWE: Janet Mock on truth-telling, community building, and writing the story she had been waiting for her whole life. |Tina Vasquez (Issue 62) 

TARGET MARKET: Black women with guns: frontier feminists or insurrectionists? |  J. Victoria Sanders (Issue 54) 

NO DISRESPECT: Black women and the burden of respectability. | Tamara Winfrey Harris (Issue 55)

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