Food is a Feminist Issue: On Food, Race, and Appropriation

Food is a Feminist Issue: On Food, Race, and Appropriation
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From debates about what makes a dish authentic to who is allowed to cook what, food is at the center of an important and ongoing global discourse on identity, race, and power. The eight pieces in this reader demonstrate the depth and complexity of that conversation, featuring discussions about food appropriation, a feminist take on the commercial food industry, and how legislation can, through controlling access to food, target and harm marginalized communities.

Craving the Other by Soleil Ho

Too Many Kooks in the Kitchen: #BURRITOGATE and Co-opting Mexican Culture by M.L. Moreno

The American Palate is Your Passport: On Belonging, Food, and Immigration by Soraya Membreno

Growing Pains by S.E. Smith

The Cost of Kale: How Foodie Trends Can Hurt Low-Income Families by Soleil Ho

Snap Judgement: Why No Food Stamps For Felons is a Bad Idea by Victoria Law

The Restaurant Industry is Very Diverse—But It’s White Chefs Who Win Most of the Awards by Soleil Ho

Fertile Ground: Farming for Feminism by Alison Parker

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